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My intention and focus here is for you to have a deeply healing, clearing, energetic re-harmonising, benchmarking eventful session. One you enjoy and feel changed getting up from.  A prime example of shamanic energy work.

An holistic benchmark that enables you to free yourself from the echoes of the past that no longer serve your vision of yourself, your life, your future.  Echoes, ripples.

Not a session to have every week, or month or even year. 

It differs from a shamanic session in that the entire purpose and format is set by me which is: deep healing, clearing and an energetic re-harmonising of you.

Change progresses from an instant feeling of something having shifted, to a slow gentle inner peace and growth, over 2-4 months.


You have changed, your inner world.  The world around you will then begin to echo your deep inner change in the coming months.

If this is timely, you will be drawn to it very strongly.

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