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Health & Wellbeing

I have been a dowser for 30 years. I discovered dowsing for myself and found it fantastically helpful providing me with great results within the health issue I needed help with.  Everything else had only got me so far and I was just desperate. My whole life was affected by some mystery tiredness, food allergy issues, pain, depression that was affecting my work, my relationship and life. Medical tests came up with nothing.  I seemed to be a mystery yet looked terrible as if something was wrong because it was.


I came across dowsing by accident, right place right time and my practitioner was Chris Strong. It worked for me as over 6 weeks eating the foods that my body needed as discovered through dowsing and not touching certain foods that were causing my issue, dowsing which therapies would support and speed my progress and moving my bed in my room due to lay lines upon which it was over, I felt better and better with each passing week.  In 3 months I was back to the me I recognised, so did everyone else, full of zing, loads of energy, looked healthy, radiant and no more issues.  


I was however fascinated with dowsing, how it worked, what it could be used for and began to do their courses throughout the whole spectrum of energywork, trained with them, years ahead assisted them in some of their classes. They continued to guide and finely hone my skill for 30 years until they both died.

I am an Advanced Dowser and utilise this skill within a vast array of different situations and some more conventional areas are : digestive issues that don't respond to treatment, targeted supplementation within your diagnosed issue to support improved health; why are you not feeling better when diagnosed and receiving treatment?  Is something else needed? Has something been missed? Is Geopathic Stress an issue affecting ill health? Are certain foods though healthy just not ideal for you? At this time? many many questions I need to ask within the dowsing process to seek out how best to help you.  

These are just a small example of where dowsing is helpful.  The revealed results are incorporated into one's diet, lifestyle, etc and we reconvene at a time in the future whilst you keep me updated in the meantime.


If you have medical tests they are always helpful to bring along.  I like to be informed of the whole picture and this helps me formulate my questions specific to your case.


There are those mysterious issues that tests cannot discern, you feel something is off but do not know what.  In the meantime, dowsing can show what is needed by you as I go through the whole gambit of seeking out where you need to change something for your improved health and wellbeing which could be: diet? nutritionally deficient? family dynamic issues affecting health and emotions? geopathic stress? and so on.  

What dowsing does is reveal what you need, for your highest health and wellbeing.  The skill of the dowser is in asking the right questions and, being unaffected by outside energetic influences whilst doing so.


I am really a detective and I need to find out what is going on, what is being missed, what best suits you as a unique individual to get you from where you are to where you wish to be health wise physically, mentally, emotionally, so changes can begin to be made that are positive and health supporting for you.

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