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.A New Dawn is called in

A New Dawn Is Called In

An holistic benchmark includes mentoring from me within a 4 months period.


This session is to draw a line in the sand, energetically begin again as your past and where it is taking you, no longer serves your vision of yourself, your life, your future.

This deep targeted shamanic energy work session is all about enough being enough. I was guided to manifest this doorway through which Spirit will work for those who are at that point. That you are ready to come to my door and hand on heart, have had enough of carrying fight, unforgiveness, hurt, resentment, anger even hatred and dealing with these echoes through all levels of your being.  You are at that point. Tired, will no longer buy into this way of being and definitely not going forwards on your life path dragging the past with you.

You need a little help though as easier said than done.

A New Dawn calls to you, calls to your very soul.

As you read this you feel ready.  Maybe it is only in this moment, reading these words, you even recognised this.  That is because this is the catalyst opening you to your realisation that yes, for you, this is now the time.

Cartharsis, release, handing over, letting go, healing through it in these hours we share at this very real turning point in your life.


Then there is the setting down of what you want moving forwards and we firmly place this within the Universe with focus and intention.


My focus and intention with these hours is for you to walk out freed from the lessons of the past but wiser for the knowledge you happily carry forward, you earned it, knowledge you now have, also knowledge we ask to be revealed to you as you flow onwards with grace.

In letting go and releasing yourself you release others. It is win-win.

In doing this you are able to receive.

As you have changed, so too may some of your Guides and Spiritual Helpers and we discover who is your support now.

Spirit does not need to go back and neither do you if we ask Spirit to intercede.  You lived it and all I need to know is you are ready to move on.

I ask.  Spirit does the rest.

Spirit guides me in what to do with and for you.  Spirit was there with you remember even though it didn't feel like it very probably.  The world can make us not see what is right in front of our eyes, not hear, become disconnected from our own inner voice, not speak up, not ask for Spirit help.  It is so normal to be caught up in this earthly life, be carried along rather than driving our life forwards using the immense personal and Spirit-gifted resources we have. Until one decides enough is enough.

You can choose to Trust me and allow me to work with Spirit for you when all you need do is utter the words 'I want this session'.

This is not a 'may be' and not anything that needs discussing with me as in 'I'm not sure, don't know'.  Then this is definitely not for you, yet.

This session propels you the more you read or think about it, it creates a fire in your gut, powerful, a resounding Yes! If reading my words does not illicit this from you, it is not for you, presently possibly you will be fortunate and never need a session like this.


The world around you will then begin to echo your change in the coming months.

You will blossom, then bloom facing the Sun.

You know in your heart if this is for you now in your life.

It includes:


4 hours in person with me.


30min phone/Zoom every 2 weeks.

Guidance from me over 4 months that I just drop into a brief email, as I am guided for you from Spirit in my morning meditation.   These are just gentle gifts of synchronicity from Spirit in the form of the language of Card Decks, essential oils to help you, flower remedies, colours, it can be anything but it is only for you.

Once a week Reiki for first month (4).

Month 2 an Alchemy Crystal Bowl Session and I guide you on when you this is.

Month 3 an hour Divination Session this is Spirit communicating through Card Decks, who is around you now for your next onward leg, words of comfort, things to watch out for, suggestions from Spirit to help you on your way.


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