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Colorful Autumn Season and Mountain Fuji with morning fog and red leaves at lake Kawaguchi

The True Sound of Healing Is

Sarah Benson

Reiki with Alchemy Crystal Bowls

Amethyst Lavender Alchemy Crystal Bowl


This is where I incorporate the healing sounds and vibrations of Alchemy Crystal Bowls whilst you receive your Reiki.  This in total requires 1hr of my Alchemy Bowl work for you, prior to your visit and the 90 minute session with me. This session requires payment to confirm your appointment therefore.


Prior to your session, I work with the Alchemy Crystal Bowls and am guided as to which wish to help and support your Reiki healing, for whatever it is you require it. This is shamanic work, as I have called in Spirit who already knows what it is you seek help for and has sent you to my door. I am able to do this before you arrive as you committing and paying for your session is the permission I need to work with you in absentium.

Your bespoke healing Alchemy Crystal Bowl session is available to you for use at home afterwards.

Different bowl composites have different characters, abilities, gifts to offer and enfold you within their millennia of 'knowing'.  Reiki, is the use of Universal Life-Force Energy, Creator, Great Spirit, God whatever you name 'it', for wholistic healing. 


Reiki and Alchemy Crystal Bowls know what you need and where you need it even better than you yourself. They are complementary to each other and any other treatment you may be having for 'whatever'. This combined therapy is wholistic as in works wholly (holy) within your being, Spirit guided for your highest good.


I am the earthbound gateway of Love and Compassion, through which I call in help for you and am the conductor of each energetic instrument so to speak, Spirit the Composer of the beauty that plays out.

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