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About Fiona

I entered the world of the healing arts via necessity having a mysterious debilitating illness in my 20s.


I had many, many therapies seeking help when modern medicine had still not been able to provide an answer.  Whilst doctors and tests kept trying I got on and helped myself.  I discovered the amazing world of the Healing Arts. It was mysterious, colourful, scent-filled, loving helpful people, plenty of options to explore. I enjoyed the journey, I had great fun in this new world.


I learned a great deal, found some of my teachers and more importantly, I recovered. 


The therapies I offer and about which I am passionate, have helped me, my family human and animal.  I swear by them. They would help me with pre-cancerous cells x3, Addisons Disease (not now), car accidents, riding accidents, burglary's interrupted and attacks, almost fatal reaction to Fentanyl for a 15min knee op and 2 NDAs. They also gave me wonderful therapists to call in for myself when I was not well enough to do all I needed. 


I have 35 years experience. Have helped children, adolescents, adults and animals with all manner of issues.


These are the therapies I draw upon within bespoke treatments:


Vibrational & Energywork

Sound Therapy for Healing & Harmony

Dowsing for Health

Bespoke Aromatherapy for Body, Mind, Soul


Several Brands of Flower Remedies

Holistic Nutrition & Herbs

Shamanic Practices



Equine Assisted Psychotherapy


I believe in supporting all levels of our being body, mind and soul which is exactly what I do for others, when assisting creating harmony, health and vibrancy where disharmony, dis-ease and apathy have manifested in myriad guises of varying degrees.  

I love animals, nature, helping others change themselves and their lives, discover their destiny, manifest their dreams, unearth their true power to realise the miracle they are and the potential they have.

I work with animals too.  See my Animal website. 


 Seeking help requires your bravery
You must first ask
Open your mind and heart 
Listen with your soul

TRUST . . .

Opens the door

 If you always do as you always do
nothing changes

Andrew Wallace (Equine Orthopaedic Surgeon)

BSc BVSc CertEP PgCert(VBM) CertAVP MRCVS, Buckingham, Bucks.

(my rescue and clients' horses using all I do with animals).

Fiona is a warm, caring, passionate individual who has dedicated her life to the health and happiness of horses and the wellbeing of those immersed in horse ownership.  She utilises her vast knowledge of natural healing to help rehabilitate, and provides a safe-haven for old, infirm and rescued horses in need of long term support.

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