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Yellow Flowers

About Me . . . 

To help me out of my first malaise in my 20s in addition to energy work I had many therapies.  This is how I entered the world of the healing arts. Necessity.


Aromatherapy helped with the contact soothing my physical body where stress was stored and the oils worked on all levels of my being simultaneously.  I loved the having of it but, the effects of the essential oils, concentrated chemical compounds was noticeable to me.


I had Reiki and found that beneficial in the having of it there and then, and cumulatively afterwards and as my sessions progressed. I  also personally resonated with it.


Ditto Bach Flower and Dr Bailey's Flower Remedies. I have since added further flower remedy ranges to my armoury.


I had Colonics, herbal medicine, holistic nutrition and found they all combined into an holistic programme of healing on the road of me gaining health, harmony and vibrancy.  I trained in these too.

Hand Made Tibetan Bowls and Tibetan Om Mane Padme Gongs, also Crystal Bowls, chanting, meditation as they helped me, taught me how to quiet my mind, my emotional heart from the wounds that my experiences and life had inflicted and, to find my inner strength and resolve.  Through these I was taught the use of vibration to heal, the use of the right type of sound and music and the importance of focus and intention all of which brought me to Quantum Physics.

I realised as my life unfolded that I needed to study psychology, possibly psychotherapy to help me to understand the human mind to then be better able to help others, no matter what healing modality I used.  So I did.  On this learning path I came across hypnosis used with psychotherapy and that opened me to the deeper healing ability of our minds to be called into help with where we are now and where we desire to be which is healthy and happy.

All these supported my already natural inclination for naturopathic cleansing.  

I believe in supporting all levels of our being and knew way back that I wanted skills to work with our spiritual, emotional, mental and physical bodies when assisting with creating harmony, health and vibrancy where disharmony, dis-ease and ill health have manifested in it's myriad of guises.


This is how I work, we call it in the healing arts, holistically.


Andrew Wallace (Equine Orthopaedic Surgeon)

BSc BVSc CertEP PgCert(VBM) CertAVP MRCVS, Buckingham, Bucks.

(my rescue and clients' horses using all I do with animals).

Fiona is a warm, caring, passionate individual who has dedicated her life to the health and happiness of horses and the wellbeing of those immersed in horse ownership.  She utilises her vast knowledge of natural healing to help rehabilitate, and provides a safe-haven for old, infirm and rescued horses in need of long term support.

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