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Energywork, Reiki, Planet, Animals

Courses, Workshops, Masterclasses, Circles


Reiki Level Courses
Workshops & Masterclasses

Level 1 for Family, Friends, Loved Ones, Living Beings including trees, plants

Level 2 Practitioner Course

Level 3 Master/Teacher Course

Reiki Workshop Weekends:

Developing Your Feel
Working with Small Animals
Working with Miniature Horses
Working with Horses

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Mother Earth and Working with her energy_edited.jpg

Energywork/Shamanic Courses, Workshops, Circles

Beginners:  Energy Work for Beginners includes Dowsing, Divination, Sacred Space, Altars, Ceremony and of course Developing Energetic Feel

Intermediate: Expands upon shamanic practices in daily life and outdoors and continues within the above topics.

Advanced: For practitioners to learn additional ways of working with Spirit in day to day life.

Healing Circle in house

Healing Drumming Circle in house

On Line Drumming Gathering

Energywork Masterclasses

Weekend and 1 day masterclasses which focus in on certain aspects of practice, developing abilities and energetic feel.


We work in nature and have the use of animals when appropriate to enable them to receive healing help and in return, they offer themselves as teachers on those days.

Animals are the greatest teachers who show how and what they feel. These Masterclasses are to further train your inner senses to feel beyond what one sees with one's eyes from my learnings over 30 years of practice.

Mother Nature offer her children Lilac and Lucy


(active for you with shamanic practices to use at home.

Use of some of my extensive drum collection is encouraged)

Dates coming for 2023

Sundays 2pm - 3.30pm


1hr 30mins

5 places only

In person at my home practice near Exeter

Free places on Instagram fionadixon4u

Sacred drums during spiritual singing. A close up view during a traditional singing circle


(Deep healing for you. I work, you receive)

Dates coming 2023 

Sunday 2pm - 4.30pm

In person


4  places only

Free places put on Instagram fionadixon4u and FB

Fire Pit.jpg

DB, Cheshire

(Reiki, Psychotherapy, Shamanic session)

The moment I met Fiona I felt everything I had held onto want to just, release. My eyes started to well up. Something re-assuring ... a grace mingled with kindness felt so ... safe, to be real, authentic.  I would almost have believed I'd been met by an angel at the gate. Thank you.

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