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Rose petals circle the smoldering clay pot as a Shaman prepares for a purification ceremon

Rest, Relax, Receive

 During This In-House Healing Circle
2pm to 4.30pm £44 each

6 places only

​Come to feel :


  • positive, lighter, brighter


  • relaxed, calm, balanced

  • unwind, breathe deeply

  • raise your spirits

  • joyful, happy

In this Circle:

I bring whatever I feel is needed to : 


  • assist

  • support

  • create positive movement

  • bring enlightenment

  • usher in change

  • No need for any public sharing of what you bring in your heart for help with, unless you want to.


  • Take away helpful practices and life skills.

  • For beginner, intermediate, super advanced or even a practitioner.

A path in a beautiful forest with a fantasy fairy tale feel with wild animals, small mushr

"Life is magical and miraculous."

Fiona Dixon


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