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Celtic Hare Spirit

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The rhythms, the vibrations of Drumming are used for healing.  

As the drum releases its healing vibrations, your whole being resonates to the rhythmic drumming patterns. These influence the internal rhythmic patterns of the individual whomever or whatever requires healing and re-harmonises those distorted patterns that are thought to be causing illness or imbalance.


This sympathetic resonance called entraining has positive effects on us:

Forms new harmonic alignments;

Opens the body’s various energy meridians and chakras;

Releases blocked emotional patterns;

Promotes healing;

Helps reconnect us to our core.

The sound patterns of the beats:

Enhance your sense of empowerment;

Stimulates your creative expression;

Raises your vibration;

You feel happier, uplifted;

You are more centred;

You vibrate in harmony with all around you;

You feel connected to everything living.