Fiona Elliott-Dixon

Shamanic & Natural Health Practices

Earthkeeper & Teacher


DipHM, DipNS

Nr, EXETER, Devon UK

 Shamanic Practitioner & Teacher

Advanced Dowsing Practitioner & Teacher

Advanced Divining Practitioner & Teacher
Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher
and also a Shihankakku in Jikiden Reiki
Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist
& Neuro-Linguistic Programmer
Equine Assisted Therapist
I am also a Masseuse & Bodyworker, Aromatherapist, 
Herbalist, Plant Essence Practitioner & Nutritional Health Practitioner and these I use as needed but I do not see clients just for a massage, or just for aromatherapy or just herbs etc.
Whatever a client needs from these just above, is incorporated as required as determined by me.
For Horses & Animals:
Healing Herbs & Protocols,  Reiki, 
Natural Horsemanship Training, 
Shamanic World Practices
Equine Support Background aiding my work
with Horses :
Equine Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology,  
Equine Behaviour & Psychology
Natural Horsemanship
(in the USA with
Monty Roberts in California
Parelli Natural Horsemanship
in Switzerland, US, UK
15 minute chat via phone or Zoom is FREE
Available Session Structure Explained:
A 1 hour appointment is £65 and 1 hr is required for the initial general consultation.  
1hr  £65, is also required for Psychotherapy,
Hypnotherapy with Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Reiki.
The time you need to book out is actually 1hr 15mins.
If time is available in the 1hr first general consultation
to allow treatment, I will use the full time to your benefit. Some issue history takes time and other's takes less. But, if you want to ensure a full treatment session straight away you need to book the 2hr session at £100 so there is a little discount in that too for you.
The 'Circles' are fun, inclusive and cost effective
ways to receive help and, to dip your toe into my energetic pool so to speak. It's important for one's therapeutic journey if you 'resonate' with whomever helps you and feel comfortable, supported by and able to trust them.  And trust your gut feeling, it's as simple as that.
Drumming Therapy 'Circles' 6 People
£60     2.5hrs
There are 2 of these per month.
There is one weekend one, and one weekday one in a month.  At my practice near Exeter.
These are group sessions, with drum & rattle in
which I also incorporate psychotherapy, relaxation, de-stressing techniques but I also theme set eg. Healing, Soul Retrieval, Joy, Spirit of Hummingbird, Spirit of Jaguar, Meeting A Spirit Animal,  Healing for Mother Earth her waters, air, all species of children etc which I publish ahead of time so you can choose to join if it is what you would like.
Numbers are limited to 6 maximum attending my  practice.  If weather allows, then we will do this outdoors and possibly adjacent to the horses whose paddocks may
be next door to where we are, then they choose to join as needed too.
Once  Monthly  ZOOM  'Circles'
2.5hrs £20
An excellent way to meet me at lower cost.  A fun and rewarding therapeutic session too. Those unfamiliar with shamanism will be guided, so if you feel drawn to join, follow your inner guidance to do so and leave your
concerns behind you.  Just let me know if you have no knowledge or what the 'some' experience is.  Then I can help and guide you.  Everyone in the Circle is very kind,
generous and supportive of where each person is on their journey.
Step out in faith . . . a classic.
Just Via Zoom!
Here goes:
1st General Consult. or Follow-Up or 
Psychotherapy or Hypnotherapy or NLP or Reiki
1hr  (book out 1hr 15)     £65
2hr Initial Cons plus  1hr of Treatment
If you know you would like me to treat asap,  rather than
wanting to come for the initial consultation, go away and think about it, then this combines Initial General Consultation plus a full 1hr treatment session.
2 hours is normally £130 so  choosing this actually
includes a generous discount.
For any issue I won't know how many sessions
you will need until I know the whole story,
what your goal is and I will have an idea.
But I'm not into long therapy and with my knowledge and shamanic support from Spirit, what can be achieved in less time may surprise you.
Do read my 'Comments'  page,
I want you to progress, gain the lesson in your present challenge, or historical baggage and move on, forwards, claim your destiny and happiness.
 3-4hr Shamanic 
This is a very big session for acute
chronic, challenging situations, deep issues, where I feel
guided to offer this which isn't all the time and this is not a session you would need every week.
Far from it. After this session several weeks is
required for the recalibration is how I like to term it, to germinate, bud, grow fruit.
Shamanic practices  is done in shorter sessions too and I advise.  It all depends as we are after all, each unique as is our journey and our experience of our challenges
even if they appear to mirror exactly someone else's you know, there is no 'exactly' about it.
Your 'filter' is utterly unique to you as is your view and experience of the world.
After a big shamanic session,  a few months are needed 
so unless it was for Reiki which supports all therapies and modern medicine treatments, for example, I would suggest gentle therapies but no other deep work until time has been allowed for change to show itself,  then, I am happy to guide what else you would like to achieve.
I would use a session like this for clearing
negative energy from a place, land, a house. I do this without you being present.  Other complex reasons for going this route would be me working with complex ancestral, familial or personal curses, houses that won't sell,  Soul Retrieval, Destiny Retrieval, Cutting Binding Ties and so on.  These  do not always mean just in this life. Depends where they originated and where they presently on your timeline just 'here' or has it also been carried forwards and if so where.  Time is only perceived as linear rather than it being so.
Quantum Physics . . . 
Shamanic practices do not always need me to
be where the issue, person, animal, house, place etc is.
I will be guided by Spirit & my Guides
as to what is needed and where I am to be and where you need to be too.
That is how we can assist those a great distance
from us, in other countries and already in Spirit.
A similar way Distant Reiki is performed it is just a different route, method and key required.
Animal Consultations 
With Owner via Zoom or in person at my practice
1/2hr £30
Treatment 1hr £60 - 1 1/2hr £75
or as determined by me post consultation
I will travel to you if necessary.
Requires taking into account present Government
Guidelines re Covid.
Depending on distance, a mutually agreed travel 
contribution that is expenses towards time travelling,
petrol and mileage.
Please do not let finances be an obstacle to seeking
my help.
Words of Advice:
Animals, trees, places, land I have found do not need to learn lessons. They have most often been innocent bystanders caught up in something undeserved and created by a human/s including ancestral issues. Accidents in nature are just that.  
But trauma created by humans would not occur if we were not in the frame so to speak and we leave our mark in so many ways you would not imagine which can be brought forward into generations eg. fear at abuse by humans, cruelty, abusing land (Mother Earth), bloodshed into land holding immense suffering and trauma passed into buildings built on it.  Just some examples.
People,  in my experience, cannot just pray, hand 'it' over and turn up to the party to open presents so to speak, without being instrumental  in a required process, working on 'it' in some way.
This would be the same as a child praying to pass their exams and doing no work, turning up for it and getting an unpleasant surprise!

People & Animals,

Land, Trees, Flora, Forna,

Places, Buildings,

Death & Psychopomp

(working at Soul level for the dying, deceased and,

those left behind),

All Issues & Situations,

Mother Earth & All She Holds Dear