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Healing Drum Circle  Outdoors

 Healing Drumming Circle
on-line and in person

My in-person Circle is 4-5 people whom I invite from previous clients, students and those who have asked to be on my list via email.  Invited because I plan for the energies of my Cirlces for the highest good of all.

I am near Exeter, Devon.  It is 2pm to 4.30pm on a weekend.

Our energetic vibrations singularly and as a group, in person and on line,  join to the sympathetic resonance which is called entraining and has harmonising and wonderfully positive effects on us each and all, both when with each other and when healing sound is introduced.

Focus and Intention has been set by me before you come when I set the sacred space for our time together.

I also bring in some shamanic practices for the specific needs of the group to assist with whatever has been the reason for joining my community of like-minded, Light souls.  I of course have done Energy Work before you arrive and we may do some together during the afternoon if you would like.

It is no matter whether totally new to this and just drawn to wanting to come, or inter-mediate or, super advanced and even practitioners.

It is also fun, exhilarating  healing, educational as well as deeply moving.

On warmer days we do this outside.  What do the sound and energetic focus and intent do to living things, the animals, trees, flora, forna, even the water and the air around us, earth beneath us?  Illuminate and add to the many souls worldwide who have the same collective, loving, compassionate intent.  

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