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 Healing Drumming Circle
In person 2pm to 4.30pm for 6 People Max
£44 each




wonderful, gentle yet powerful intimate healing circle of 6 and me.

Have fun and leave feeling:




More positive

More hopeful




More connected to your intuition

More insightful about a particular issue

Supported with new energywork practices to do at home for yourself


  • 2 1/2hrs and bring any challenge you need help with to get the energy moving within it

  • I work for each of you guiding our Healing Drumming Circle

  • Included are shamanic practices to assist each of you today​

  • Includes guided healing meditation


  • Use one of my personal shamanic drums and/or rattles from around the world


  • Energetic vibrations singularly and as a group, join to the sympathetic resonance harmonising and creating a wonderfully positive shared healing afternoon


American Indian Sound Healing Drum
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