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What Would This Session Help With?

The seemingly unsolvable problems, dilemmas, difficulties and life challenges that other endeavours have achieved little or no movement within.  This is because there is a revolutionary experience of life that can open for us beyond the limitations of what we’ve believed is possible and these seemingly unsolvable situations can be transformed. 

I make direct contact with the unseen guidance and resources that surround me and are within me and ask in the assistance of your Spirit guidance and resources.  By drawing on the energy and innate intelligence at the core of life itself, we’ll bring practical solutions and beneficial outcomes to the issues of your life.

You do not have to believe anything for our shamanic work to be effective. You simply have to be willing to experiment with the guidance, resources and practices that emerge from our work together.

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How Does A Shamanic Session Help?

To paraphrase Jesus, “the kingdom of energy surrounds us, but we don’t see it…” Until we do. Then, a revolutionary new experience of life beyond the limitations of what we’ve believed becomes possible. The seemingly unsolvable problems and difficulties we face can be transformed. “Problems” become situations – and situations resolve into beneficial outcomes.​

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"I know you are tired but come,
this is the way."



What Experience Has Shown Me

I have learned over the years to trust this place, this gateway where we commune with Spirit – Divine Presence – or whatever you want to call it –  that lovingly illuminates what needs to be seen for you, provides whatever is needed to bring healing, resolution and positive outcomes, guides me as to what needs doing by me for you, what needs passing to you from Spirit for you to do and within that conversation, wonderful things happen.

I do as guided with whatever I am directed to use whether sacred objects drum, rattle, bowl, gong, cards, essential oils, essences, ritual, ceremony.  There is no formula. In that moment, that session, with you Spirit's work in you and the issue is unique to you. We may journey together, I may journey, I may ask you to journey . . . whatever occurs is because I am being told to do 'this' to effect what you have asked for.

Sometimes Spirit guides me to continue to pass requirements to my client a month down the line, or 2 in other words within and along your healing journey.  Spirit literally nudges me, brings you into my mind and shamanic compassionate heart and drops in the additional herb, flower essence etc to add into your post session healing.  So, be open, allow, embrace and express gratitude.  Of course there is no extra fee for this.  It is all part of the session the timing is irrelevant and I never question Spirit.  Spirit knows best, and I trust my relationship with Spirit.

Everyone is different.  Nearly all feel something change in the session. 


Some feel it like wow! others like a gentle kiss on the forehead, some like a flower opening to the sun slowly revealing more and more and more.


Just keep saying 'thank you', expressing your gratitude for what has arrived and what is still coming to you. 


If I have to put a time to it I would say from what clients have told me it ranges from immediate change/knowing something has shifted big time, to a gradual shifting, changing, growing more and more positive and goal directed over 6 months.

But honestly . . . you are unique . . . we will find out when you reach out to me and we walk your healing path together.

I love being updated on where you are.  I love hearing from you and as my client, clients and students are a lovely club and for some we have maintained contact for decades since we first met.

One thing I do offer guidance on is that whatever is given for you to do to support this session this work, is not me offering input.  It all comes from Spirit.  I would urge you not to pick and choose what suits.  If you ask Spirit for help, honour your request, do as guided put your whole heart in whether for you or your family pet.  Spirit has offered the steps, some out of your comfort zone because it is all for a reason and that reason is the goal that you have come asking for.  You know, one of the reasons may be as simple as just do whatever you have been asked to by Spirit.  After all, wasn't it you that asked for help in the first place?

If for some reason you are a little apprehensive, can't find the time to do 'whatever' it is, or just feel some resistance, then email me. That resistance we will dissolve because some aspects of healing resist. It can be ego, control, fear, status quo etc. 


I'm your healing partner so you hand me the crease and I iron it out.   

You do not have to learn or believe anything for my shamanic work with you to be effective.

Firstly, you just need to have that gut feeling that for some reason, I am who you need to see, where I am is where you need to travel to.


After that, you simply have to be willing to throw your arms and heart open, experiment fully with the guidance, resources and practices that emerge from our work, you, I, Spirit, Guides, Healing Helpers, Beings of Light, Healing Ancestors and exuberant Spiritual support give us, embrace this whole experience, say 'thank you thank you thank you' not to me but to Spirit, God, Yahweh, Allah, Great Spirit, Universe whatever name you give Compassionate Creation.

And know whatever you feel about you or your issue, your pet's issue, guilt, fear, hopelessness, despair, or it's been years or decades you have had to cope with 'it' and so on, Spirit answers when called.


If you want to be shown just ask me and I will show you Spirit answer you in that moment with me in my beautiful Sacred Space, my Gateway with Spirit.

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"When you do things from your soul,
you feel a river moving in you, a joy."