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Cherry blossoms in a temple called taisekiji in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. Mt. Fuji over

For Existing Students/Practitioners Why Repeat The Attunement?

Recommended To Have It By Your Practitioner, Why?

2pm - 5pm £250


I learned that to repeat the Attunement is needed in life because of all that we are challenged with. Just as pipes get dirty and ingrained with use, so does our energetic connection to Source. We are spiritual beings experiencing the physical world and have a body. Our connection to Source, our Universal Life-force Energy gets affected by our human experience.

The Attunement is within each level of training and is repeated a minimum of three times during the teaching of each level. 


The Re-Attunement provides a surge or, if you are a lapsed Reiki Practitioner I recommend repeating the levels you have done in the past, to re-awaken your desire to use Reiki for the greater good of all and meet like-minded people, kindred-spirits and receive several Attunements within your course.


The Reiki Attunement is what makes Reiki different from other spiritual traditions.  It is sacred symbols and practice done from Master to student in a holy and sacred ceremony.

I am an Assistant Master Sheyan-kaku, in traditional Japanese Reiki and this is taught at this level so we can assist our Sensei in this practice.


It is powerful.

If you are not Reiki trained then an Attunement is a powerful precursor and adjunct to the beginning of your Reiki sessions for acute, chronic, serious illnesses.  Also, if you are opening to your spiritual growth, receiving an Attunement is wholly supportive.

Attune first and follow with Reiki treatments.

Sacred geometry. Reiki symbol. The word Reiki is made up of two Japanese words, Rei means
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