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3hr Session £333
5hr Session £555

Spirt, Mother Earth, All her species

Are you :

  • Seeking guidance for your spiritual journey?


  • Tools for navigating the world around you with grace and compassion? 


  • An alternative to fear and anxiety through alignment with authenticity and love?

Do you :

  • Have seeming unsolvable problems?


  • Have dilemma/s? 


  • Have difficulties or life challenges?


  • Feel all other endeavours have achieved little or no movement within your issue?


  • Know that seemingly unsolvable situations can be trans-formed?​  


  • Know you do not have to 'believe' for our shamanic work to be effective.


  • Know you simply have to be willing to experiment with the guidance, resources and practices that emerge from our work together?

  • ​Seek a revolutionary experience of life that can open us beyond the limitations of what we’ve believed is possible?

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"Everything has its own frequency, own vibration.

Energy is Spirit in that form, that expression of Creation.

I work with Spirit at this deep energetic level, for you."


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