What Is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese therapy, translating as Universal Life-force Energy. This energy is the Creative energy, it is all-knowing and goes to where it is needed.  

Reiki is an holistic therapy meaning it treats the whole 'being' simultaneously.


A beautiful healing hands-on therapy to give and to receive whether human, animal, plant or tree.


We do not diagnose, we do not treat the condition or the illness or disease.  Reiki treats the whole.

We may place our hands where symptoms are manifesting though, as our hands need to be somewhere, so point of energy in may well be where you are experiencing pain, discomfort etc.  I will intuit this by what I feel when I scan with my hands and also where I intuit I need to be. 


You need not give a long detailed description of your reason for Reiki.  You may. Or not, it is totally up to you.


I am a Reiki Master/Teacher of 30 years standing and am able to work totally intuitively enabling you to just rest, allow and receive.

Image by Jakub Kriz

What is Reiki Used For?

Horse, reiki, healing

Reiki is used for any physical, emotional and other issues because it isn't the issue Reiki treats, it's you or your animal family member, or the tree, or plant or whatever you are focusing the Reiki on.  

Reiki treats the whole. So injuries, diseases, pre-op, post-op, stress, anxiety, depression . . . you name it and Reiki is a viable stand alone treatment which also combines beautifully with all modalities including modern medicine and, speeds post-op care, aids mental well-being, soothes heartbreak, assists with physical, mental, emotional conditions and supports soul work.  

Reiki complements and assists the results of all treatments and therapies.
There is distant healing too for which we arrange a time, you rest and I treat just as if you were with me in my practice room.  Afterwards we each share what you felt and what I felt by the means we have pre-arranged.

With Reiki there is no need to have a lengthy consultation, nor to undress  as in aromatherapy or massage.  I appreciate you may not want to do either in therapy or may just need to feel comfortable to do so.

With Reiki you just get on the therapy table, are covered by a blanket and I begin your Reiki.  It may be a change for you to have carved out some personal time to do nothing other than rest and receive. This in itself is very helpful to your well-being.  So many people give give give give of themselves, working hard, partners, family, home life, responsibilities and so on, having to be a Circus Juggler it can feel like sometimes and it can so often be exhausting.

Having time for yourself is so valuable as is altering the usual pace of your life. Peace, calm and time away from everything is very re-charging and benefits everyone . . . you and those you live and work with.



Reiki Effects In A Session


The effects when receiving Reiki are visible. It is extremely relaxing.  Many people and animals go into a wonderful restful state, sometimes a deep sleep as Beau has in the top photo and Hannibal our little white/beige Jack Russell/Dachsund cross, is in the other photo.  


This is especially easy to observe with animals. Animals just allow and receive.  Animals show us it is not a placebo effect


Reiki speeds healing, not only aiding as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic, but works within the whole body simultaneously.

I teach Reiki because it is wonderful and, you always have your hands and/or feet no matter about Pandemics or what occurs. For Reiki you can use your hands and/or feet and with 8 dogs I have treated one with my feet and one each at my sides using my hands.  

I use it everyday.  Having 8 rescue dogs; 11 rescue horses, treat myself, any injured or sick animals I come upon whether birds, deer, sheep, foxes and so on.  Of course family too.  It's as easy as hands on, hands off.  All you need to do is learn it from someone.

I do use our animals in my Reiki courses even level 1, to enable you to have experience with your teacher there, me, to guide, teach, help you help animals and to pass my 30 years experience to you in the moment, with what you see, feel, intuit and what questions this elicits at the time.  A wonderful way to learn.

Hannibal's Reiki
Bentley after his Reiki. Relaxed_



After A Session

Bentley after his Reiki.  Relaxed.  Happy.  Chilled.  As Reiki is usually extremely relaxing you can understand what a wonderful therapy it is to have, if you are stressed, anxious, depressed so have trouble sleeping. 


The after effects of Reiki can result in some temporary stirring up of the condition you have presented with, as Reiki moves within the depths to effect change and bring about improvement and healing.This is good! You can't sort an issue without getting into it. This all settles down and healing continues faster and more deeply.


The longer term effects of Reiki are cumulative. 6 sessions will have a combined effect greater than 4 and 4 greater than 2 which is logical.  Just as taking 1 antibiotic never works; you need to take several.


Everyone is unique and the reason you have sought help is unique to you even if it is something other people have too.  No one experiences anything exactly like someone else.  


How many and how frequently you may need your sessions depends and I will guide you in this.


Rule of thumb though is acute/chronic symptoms/illnesses need much more frequent Reiki which can mean daily.  It depends if something is time sensitive or how bad you feel healthwise.


For serious illnesses, my honest advice is to have a family member learn Reiki enabling daily treatments and have me as the experienced hands to support. This is far more cost effective for you.  I and any Reiki practitioner can be called in for more experienced hands but, you can then do the daily Reiki and have your experienced practitioner once a week or whatever you can afford.

If you have a serious illness or event, I would also suggest me doing a Reiki Attunement on you to begin, followed by you receiving Reiki.  The Attunement is not repeated every time.  Ask me to discuss this with you if you feel drawn to this, even though I have intentionally not explained it in depth.


Be hydrated and that means water not coffee, or alcohol as they're dehydrating. Herbal tea is great too.  Coconut water. Being hydrated, moves things on faster and, if possible light fresh foods until the dust settles, so to speak. These choices all support you in the wake of the deeply healing Reiki treatment.


As you have each treatment you will notice you feel zingy quicker, with a progressive improvement after each session, feeling better sooner than after the session before and, you will witness a progression to varying degrees (healing is not linear) as you build upon your sessions.  Logically, the more serious the issue, the more treatments one has.