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Mount Fuji and cherry blossoms which are viewed from lake Kawaguchiko, Yamanashi,

Treatment Session 90 mins £85
Reiki Re-Attunement £250


Reiki Session



Would you like help with:

  • anxiety

  • stress

  • feeling overwhelmed

  • nervousness 

  • pain relief

  • being unconfident

  • depression

  • grief

  • poor sleep

  • dealing with an illness

  • having an operation

  • post op healing help

  • have an injury

  • skin conditions

  • serious illness

  • aiding mental well-being

  • support for any other treatments, therapies, medicines you are having.

Reiki is a truly supportive therapy working wonderfully with all other treatments.

Reiki also feels wonderful to have, you do not undress, do not have to talk about your feelings unless you choose to.


Just get on the therapy table, are covered by a blanket, relaxing music if you would like, aromatherapy oils to support by air diffuser and I begin.  






A gentle beautiful Japanese healing hands-on therapy.

All you do is:

  • rest

  • allow

  • you'll relax

  • receive

  • enjoy

  • even sleep

  • know we do not diagnose

  • we do not treat the condition, illness or disease

  • Reiki simply treats you all, simultaneously

Reiki translates as Universal Life-force Energy all-knowing going to where it is needed.


No need for a long detailed description of your reason for Reiki.  You may. Or not, it is totally up to you.

Colorful Autumn Season and Mountain Fuji with morning fog and red leaves at lake Kawaguchi
Guvava Juice



After A Session


  • You will feel relaxed and more balanced.


  • You are welcome to sit in the garden until ready to drive or the lounge if weather is cold.


  • The after effects of Reiki can be an immediate feeling of peace and inner grace.  


  • One can feel pain dissipate in the session.


  • After, at home, you might feel some temporary stirring up of the condition you presented with, as Reiki moves within the depths to effect change and bring about improvement and healing.This is good. This all settles down and healing continues faster and more deeply.


  • The longer term effects of Reiki are cumulative. 6 sessions will have a combined effect greater than 4 and 4 greater than 2. 

  • You will feel better sooner than after the session before and, you will witness a positive progression as you build upon your sessions and/or self treatment.


  • I champion learning Level 1.  You will always be able to treat yourself and your loved ones, as I do and this is cost effective for you calling in professional additional help as desired.

Me giving Beau a Reiki Session. Just like humans, animals find it deeply relaxing and in t

How many and how frequent?

  • Acute/chronic symptoms/illnesses need much more frequent Reiki.


  • My honest advice for illnesses of this severity, is to have a family member be taught just Level 1 Reiki as it is a weekend and I will organise this even if it is only you.  This enables daily treatments needing only Level 1 be learnt. This is far more cost effective for you.  I and any Reiki practitioner can be called in for more experienced hands.

  • If it is a serious illness or event, I suggest a Reiki Attunement, to begin, as this is the equivalent to a power surge that bursts the doors open but in a safe knowing way. Then followed by the Reiki sessions.


  • The Attunement is not repeated every time.  Ask me to discuss this with you and explain more deeply. 

  • I have a great deal of experience using Reiki daily, have used it supporting extremely serious life threatening illnesses and injuries for myself and clients and our animals, with incredible results.  


  • I am so grateful I found Reiki 30 years ago and I believe you will too if new to this therapy.

Baby receiving Reiki
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