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Millie  12 years old

Is a beautiful therapy to give and to receive

whether human, animal, plant or tree.

Injuries, diseases, pre-op, post-op, stress,

depression . . . you name it and Reiki is a 

viable treatment to heal, speed post-op care,

help mental illness, heart break, physical conditions,

soul-work, complements and assists the results of all

treatments and therapies and there is distant healing too.

The session itself is calming and relaxing.

You lay down on a massage table,

have a pillow, blanket, gentle music, as I'm also an

aromatherapist I choose beautiful

essential oils specifically for to support the treatment of your

issue, which I use in a diffuser throughout the whole

Reiki healing while you or your beloved animal

relaxes and I get to work placing my hands

where I feel they need to be.

The effects of Reiki are cumulative and it

depends on what you have sought help for,

as to how many sessions you may need.

I have also taught Reiki for many years.

Reiki Level 1   £250 (3 days)

Reiki Level 2  £450 (2 weekends & 1 day)

1 single practical horse/dog healing day ( date arranged in class)

6 Case Histories (6 sessions each) required to be completed.

Each day includes attunement to begin and end also.

Reiki Q&A & Demonstration Afternoon with Horses


An opportunity to ask questions, to observe Reiki with horses in practice

and learn subtleties and techniques yourself.

To book or contact me

 please email me here

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