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Hannibal 11 years old

Is a beautiful therapy to give and to receive

whether human, animal, plant or tree.

Injuries, diseases, pre-op, post-op, stress,

depression . . . you name it and Reiki is a 

viable stand alone treatment which also combines beautifully with all modalities and, speeds post-op care,

aids mental well-being, soothes heart break, assists with physical conditions and

emotional conditions, supports soul-work, complements and assists the results of all

treatments and therapies, and there is distant healing too which moves you into the realms

of Quantum Physics.


Whether Reiki with people or animals we do not diagnose,

we do not treat the condition.  Reiki is holistic.  It is Universal Life-force Energy

that goes to where it is needed and we do not need to know where that is but,

as always we are interested in you and therefore knowing your story,

the Doctors or Specialists you have seen and test results are information for us to note.


The effects when receiving Reiki are visible in that it is most often extremely relaxing,

many people and animals go in to a wonderful restful state and sometimes a deep sleep.

This is especially easy to observe with animals. Animals just allow and receive.

It really is beautiful to see in action.

The effects of Reiki are cumulative and it

depends on what you have sought help for,

as to how many sessions you may need.

Reiki can be used for physical, emotional and other issues because it isn't the issue

Reiki treats, it's you.  All of you.

I have taught Reiki for nearly 30 years.

Reiki for real animals.  Healing therapy