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Mount Fuji and cherry blossoms which are viewed from lake Kawaguchiko, Yamanashi,


Courses Level 1, 2, Master/Teacher Level
1:1 Re-Attunement & Reiki Session
Reiki Master Classes

What Is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese therapy, translating as Universal Life-force Energy. This energy is the Creative energy, it is all-knowing and goes to where it is needed.  

Reiki is an holistic therapy meaning it treats the whole 'being' simultaneously.


A beautiful healing hands-on therapy to give and to receive whether human, animal, plant or tree.


We do not diagnose, we do not treat the condition or the illness or disease.  Reiki treats the whole.

We may place our hands where symptoms are manifesting though, as our hands need to be somewhere, so point of energy in, may well be where you are experiencing pain, discomfort etc.  I will intuit this by what I feel when I scan with my hands and also where I intuit I need to place my hands. 


You need not give a long detailed description of your reason for Reiki.  You may. Or not, it is totally up to you.


I am a Reiki Master/Teacher of 30 years standing and am able to work totally intuitively enabling you to just rest, allow and received if that is what you want.  Or, you can share, explain.  Whatever suits you.

Image by Jakub Kriz

What is Reiki Used For?

Beautiful brunette getting reiki therapy at a luxury spa.jpg

Reiki is a wonderful therapy to have.  It is to aid with any physical, emotional and life issues. 

Injuries, diseases, pre-op, post-op, stress, anxiety, depression . . . you name it and Reiki is a viable stand alone treatment which also combines beautifully with all modalities including modern medicine and, supports pre-op nerves, speeds post-op care, combines with whatever medicines are being taken, treatments received, therapies done, aids mental well-being, aids journey through grief, assists with physical, mental, emotional conditions and supports soul work.  

Reiki complements and assists the results of all treatments and therapies.

here is no need to have a lengthy consultation, nor to undress you just get on the therapy table, are covered by a blanket and I begin.  




Reiki Effects In A Session

The effects when receiving Reiki are visible. It is extremely relaxing.  Gradually one succumbs to just feeling a deep calm. Many people, animals and even horses I have had go into a wonderful restful state, often a deep sleep, snoring is not unheard across the spectrum and not a problem!


This is especially easy to observe with animals. Animals just allow and receive.  Animals show us it is not a placebo effect.

At peace
Guvava Juice



After A Session


You will feel relaxed and chilled. You are welcome to sit in the garden until ready to drive or the lounge if weather is cold.


The after effects of Reiki can be an immediate feeling of peace and inner grace.  One can feel pain dissipate in the session.  After, at home, you might feel some temporary stirring up of the condition you presented with, as Reiki moves within the depths to effect change and bring about improvement and healing.This is good. This all settles down and healing continues faster and more deeply.


The longer term effects of Reiki are cumulative. 6 sessions will have a combined effect greater than 4 and 4 greater than 2 which is logical. 

Be hydrated and that means water not coffee, or alcohol as they're dehydrating. Being hydrated, moves things on faster and, if possible light fresh foods until the dust settles, so to speak. These choices all support you in the wake of the deeply healing Reiki treatment.

You will feel better sooner than after the session before and, you will witness a positive progression as you build upon your sessions and/or self treatment. That is why I champion learning even Level 1.  You will always be able to treat yourself and your loved ones, as I do and this is cost effective for you.


Logically, the more serious the issue, the more treatments one has.

Me giving Beau a Reiki Session. Just like humans, animals find it deeply relaxing and in t

How many and how frequently you may need your sessions depends and I will guide you in this here . . .

Rule of thumb is acute/chronic symptoms/illnesses need much more frequent Reiki which can mean daily. 

I do a discount on 6 sessions booked and paid for in advance. 


For serious illnesses, my honest advice is to have a family member be taught Reiki by me quickly, it is a weekend, this enables daily treatments needing only Level 1 be learnt. This is far more cost effective for you.  I and any Reiki practitioner can be called in for more experienced hands but, you can then do the daily Reiki and have your experienced practitioner as often as you choose.

If you have a serious illness or event, I would also suggest  a Reiki Attunement on you to begin, followed by you receiving Reiki.  The Attunement is not repeated every time.  Ask me to discuss this with you and I will explain. 

Baby receiving Reiki
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