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Psychotherapy is about healing through your past

90 minutes £155

It is time to :

  • discuss your situation, dilemma, issue, life challenge and let's begin to get is sorted

  • be guided and assisted by an expert professional with decades of experience 

  • alleviate yourself of hindering emotional baggage 

  • receive the very best help for you now and start you moving on

Psychotherapy is a confidential process, held with a professional practitioner on a 1:1 basis.

After years of practice the way I work is gentle, results driven and I can tailor sessions to really fit your needs because I have trained in more than one psychotherapeutic method.


What is my aim for you?

  • to enable you to get through whatever has brought you to my door, then on with your life harmony restored,

  • to help you effect the changes you seek so you can live the life you deserve, 

  • to assist you to have a happy full life doing all that you would like to do,

  • to free you from the unhelpful and sometimes self-sabotaging echoes of events of the past

  • to L I V E your life fully

Even if you come for issues such as:


  • fears

  • phobias

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • job change

  • circumstance change

  • stress

  • lack of self confidence

  • weight issues

  • confused

  • regretful

  • relationship breakup/divorce

  • angry

  • resentful

  • bitter


You do not have to continue feeling the way you do now about anyone or anything.

  • You really do have the power to change things

  • I have the skill and experience to show you how

  • Together, we create a formidable alliance in manifesting the you and the life you choose

"Be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop."    Rumi

Japan Falling Leaves
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