Shamanic Sound Circle


Crystal Bowls and Shamanic Drums

A few of the benefits of healing sound ... 

Increases connection to Higher Self;
Aids chakra balancing;
Strengthens immune system;
Clears and harmonises spaces;
Induces deep meditation;
Helps cleanse negative energies;
Stimulates endocrine glands;
Regulate hormonal functioning;
Deeply relaxing & soothing;
Aids sleep;
Soothes the soul;
Changes your vibration positively affecting your mind and emotional state;
Vibrations work within blockages and stagnation of body, mind, emotions;
Eases stress;
Elevates the hormones serotonin, dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin which promote happiness and pleasure, while reducing depression and anxiety.

My Sacred shamanic drums and rattles a collection of around 35 are truly special and their energy healing.  I have had these drums find me and during my Drumming Circle and Healing Circles, those who attend my In-Person Circle here at my practice, can choose to have a drum choose them.  I will guide you in how to communicate with your sacred drum and you may use it for the Circle that day.

My Alchemy Crystal Bowls are absolutely pure in their resonance and tone.  These are stunning in their 'feel', tone, resonance, clarity and beautiful healing vibrations.

I also have my beautiful Tibetan Om Mane Padme Om gongs and bowls infused with the Prayer of Compassion with each strike of the mallet that beats the metal into form by their artisanal creators. My collection of shamanic drums and rattles may also come into play, literally, for the help, resolution and healing you have sought.

"Be with those who help your being"


Sound Healing Alchemy Crystal Bowls