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Peace and calm is welcomed by all

Minature Horse Therapy Team:

Tsarina, Merrily, Poppet and Sweetheart

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy
90 Minutes £222





Would you like to :

  • help to discover more about yourself?

  • develop new ways of thinking?

  • change any negative behaviours?


  • empower yourself?


  • develop and nurture a relationship with a horse?


  • work with horses and learn to develop patience, understanding, discipline and responsibility?


  • live in the now as horses do?


  • learn to be flexible, innovative and open to altering your behaviour in response to how they turn up 'today'?


  • be sensitive to their emotions and not to assume they are today how they were yesterday?

  • develop your skills of communication, self-control, problem solving and accountability?


  • improve self-esteem, empathy, flexibility and independence?

  • work with a horse so you may start to notice self-defeating thought processes or negative patterns of behaviour contributing to your issue, giving you the opportunity to take steps to overcome it?

  • discover more about your capabilities?


  • develop new ways of thinking and, change negative behaviours?

  • articulate how you are feeling?


  • learnt to express your emotions and feelings with your horse?


  • achieve a strong bond and a level of closeness with your horse that is honest and fully accepting of you as you are?


  • experience affection, acceptance and mutual respect?

Equine Assisted Therapy is:

  • holistic

  • experiential

  • a highly specialised form of therapy 

  • where you don’t ride the horse

  • where you carry out tasks such as feeding, grooming and leading the horse

  • your therapist and equestrian professional (I am both) plan specific tasks or ‘obstacles’ that support the overcoming of challenges within our plan made to enable you to attain your therapeutic goals

And for your scientifically proven physical benefits this therapy:


  • reduces blood pressure

  • reduces your heart rate

  • calms


  • releases endorphins


  • is anti-depressant

  • increases self confidence

  • helps you feel part of nature and part of something bigger than yourself

Many of the benefits of equine therapy are likely due to the nature of the horses themselves: 


  • naturally gentle and calm creatures

  • mirror and respond to human behaviour


  • horses are highly effective at interacting in a gentle, patient, non-judgemental manner

"Be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop."   



Autumn Wind Blowing Yellow Leave out of Tree Branch. Falling dry leaf. Autumn weather. Fal
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