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For You With Your Pet

Alchemy Crystal Bowls

Amethyst Lavender Alchemy Crystal Bowl

The Sound of Healing Is


This is where I incorporate the healing sounds and vibrations of Alchemy Crystal Bowls whilst you receive your Reiki.  This in total is 1hr of my Alchemy Bowl work prior to your visit and the 90 minute session with me. This session requires payment to confirm your appointment.

You are your loved pet's carer and guardian.  Our love links our energy with our pet's. They feel your loving concern, your fear that all may not be well or go well, they feel your joy, your stress. They feel your inner harmony or dis-harmony.  It makes sense that both of you receive simultaneously.  You hold or sit with your loved pet, I have recorded the Alchemy Crystal Bowls that support you both, and I do Reiki on your pet with you holding them. You both receive.

Your bespoke healing Alchemy Crystal Bowl session is available to you for use for you alone or together at home.  Sometimes you need to have healing time for you when your much loved pet is not well. This serves you both well. When doing so together, you don't have to hold your pet. Start the bowl session and just let them settle where they choose.  They will.  

When you combine working with the Alchemy Crystal Bowls, add in focus, intentions, this creates new energy forms. When thought energy interacts with a crystal, those thoughts are changed to more harmonic forms which change brainwave frequencies, showing often speedy alterations in consciousness beneficial to overall wellbeing.

Different bowl composites have different characters, abilities, gifts to offer and to enfold you within their millennia of 'knowing'.  When combined with my intention and focus for your highest goods, add in Reiki, which needs no guidance as it 'knows' being the Universal Life-force Energy, this beautiful energetic recipe creates a new healing gateway that is wholly (holy) created for you both, in your time of need.

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