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Offering something additional help-wise


Specialised Help within Animal Health & Wellbeing



I have been a dowser for 30 years.

I am an Advanced Dowser and utilise this skill within a vast array of different situations for our animal family the same as us humans such as: 


  • digestive issues that don't respond to treatment; 

  • targeted supplementation within your pets diagnosed issue to support improved health;

  • why is your pet not feeling better when diagnosed and receiving treatment?

  • is something else needed?

  • is something else going on?

  • has some needed treatment been missed?

  • is Geopathic Stress an issue affecting ill health?

  • are certain foods though healthy just not ideal for your specific pet?


These are just a small example of where dowsing is helpful you then incorporate the changes that can have wonderfully beneficial effects.

I use dowsing in our family life for myself, family and all our animal loved ones (21 presently) who get the benefit of my ability and with rescue horses (2 with brain tumours for last 6 years and going strong and assisted by vets but not medicated by them I use herbal tinctures, supplementation, targeted nutrition and therapies dowsed to ascertain what they each need to support their health and wellbeing) and dogs with cancer whom I support  (medical intervention always at hand, sometimes used as required, but diet, supplementation, herbs, shamanic work, energywork dowsed too).  

I work with vets both equine and small animal, always suggest medical tests and we go from there.


I am really a detective and I need to find out what is going on that is eluding this much loved member of the family from feeling better and being happy.

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