Everyone has felt bad energy.

 That person or place or situation 

that literally drains you, when ten minutes earlier

you were bright and sunny. 

Negative energy feels unpleasant, heavy, sickening,

stifling. You want to get away from it.

Living organisms, the crystalline structure of even water, react.


People, animals too, feel anxious, unhappy,

confused, depressed, begin to look and feel under par,

lose momentum, focus, have lowered immune systems,

get sick.

Everyone has also felt good energy;

that place, that person, that music,

those moments that immediately bring calm,

instils peace, may even bring tears of joy, your whole being breathes out and let's go of all the stuff you have been carrying around.

And it just happens effortlessly when you hear, see or 

are with a loved one or a  person of special energy,

a word, a touch, or a place of beauty, tranquility, peace.

Good energy feels . . .  good.

It's that simple.

Disease, illness, injury, stress etc are not good energy.  These all

change the natural unique frequency of the person/animal/tree/water etc.

It isn't necessary to believe, to understand, what I am doing,

how I do it, or buy into my belief system.

If you feel drawn to come to me for help,

'Trust' your intuition.

That's step one . . . and illness, disease, stress

invariably dampens your intuitive ability.

Because you're sick and tired and off your game.

But if you keep being nudged then go with that feeling

and follow the feel.

Do something differently!

Concede there is more to life than meets the eye or,

that can be scientifically explained.

We haven't been able to discover how all our brain works

nor what we cannot see ...

worlds within worlds, ours, energetic worlds.

And whilst others say ...

there's no explanation why something should work,

or be effective, nothing 'proven', so what?

Just because we don't know or understand why something

works, or it hasn't been proven . . . yet,

does not mean it won't work or does not work.

It means no one has spent the money,

to pay for scientific studies required to prove it.

Be open to explore what you may not understand

and you could discover on the way,

a healthier, happier life.

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