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The energy of every item I use in healing whether drum, crystal, essential oils, herbs, smudge, flower essences, tinctures if not made by me, feathers, bone, alter cloths, card decks are of paramount importance, just as is the energy of my teachers.  It is all important to me in the energetic soup that is in and around everything I do

for healing whether Spirit, person, animal, tree, plant, water,

building, place and so on. 

SpiritRhythmandBone on Etsy by Sonara

(Stunning fine art shamanic drums, bespoke, created with

respect, honour, shamanic journeying to assist the birthing of your drum and great care for every element that goes within it. My Wolf Drum.)

WildMythosDrums on Etsy by Palika Rewilding

(hide-free drums by Remo with stunning artwork but it is also the meaning and energy within the work that is so beautiful.).

BlueWolfCrafts by Francine Dancing Blue Wolf on Etsy

(Authentic Native American jewellery, shamanic and bespoke items.

Again, fantastic energy within each item from Francine,

a wonderfully gifted grandmother whom I just love.)

Robbie Robertson

Byron Metcalf

Douglas Spotted Eagle

Little Wolf

Robbie Robertson makes rock, pop rock, Native American genre that is wonderful to drum with.  Lyrics/poetry of his Native American heritage woven through it lyrically as well as instrumentally and vocally.  One of the worlds best guitarists too, literally!  I love it.  Also Byron Metcalf, composer, musician, percussionist, shamanic practitioner has lots of drumming albums to support your growth in drumming ability and for your use for shamanic journeying and much much more.  Douglas Spotted Eagle and Little Wolf, for a Native American music and chanting.

These are excellent places to begin your exploration to aid your drumming, creation  of sacred space, setting the scene for Spirit work and moving you from your ordinary state of consciousness to non-ordinary state with or without your drum, rattle, etc.

Have a listen on YouTube Music and Amazon.


GaiasWorkshopDrums by Michelle Meister

(Stunning drums. Read about how they are brought into being. Just love them!

My drum Horse.)

EarthSpiritCraft on Etsy

(various shamanic items made of course with integrity and respect)

EthnoSoulGifts on Etsy by Nina

(Fantastic and reasonably priced shamanic drum bags. Ask for

what you need if you don't see it. Nina is extremely helpful)

Nicola & Jason

(Drums, smudge feathers, and all things druid and shamanic. Love them!

My drum Soulsong.)

Martin & Sue Rosetti, Normandy, Surrey

(every practitioner needs their support no matter how many therapies you do! To work with others we need to be continually working on ourselves.  I have known Martin and Sue for nearly 20 years).


NHR Organic Essential Oils

(the integrity of the oils is thoroughly researched and they are pure and I have bought their oils since 1993. I have on more than one occasion had to tell other companies their oil is adulterated, and, that it harmed the skin when the real product absolutely would not have.  So I always go right back to NHR.  My provider of choice.)

The Organic Herb Trading Company

01823 401205

(their products are again, thoroughly researched and truly organic and

I have bought from them for 15 years.)

Plusbac Equine & Pets

(I have found it to be a fantastic equine product.  All the horses and our dogs receive this. It is part of treatment and maintenance).

Hormonise Equine

from Equine Answers, Viovet or Hyperdrug

(used by the horses with Cushings or hormone imbalance. I have found these

companies offer the most competitive pricing. We check pricing all the time as of course we want our products at the lowest price).

Bute Substitute Liquid & Powder 

(a very important item in the treatment and general care of the



SerraPet 250,000IU

(an important product I have found for horses with chronic conditions and inflammation and I have given it to my dogs and I take them.



Turmeric with 95% Curcumin and BioPerine

(I use this for chronic conditions with some horses.

I  have taken it too.)

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