Gratitude, Love & Thanks

Many teachers have brought me to where I am today.

My eternal gratitude, love and thanks

to all from whom I have learned

for all you have passed to me,

for my life of healing and enabling of others,

that your knowledge and teachings

have gifted me.

Christopher & Veronica Strong

Dr Richard Bandler

John Grinder

National College of Hypnosis & Psychotherapy

Dr Martin Israel

Nicole Perez

Dr Richard Schulze

Paul McKenna

Deepak Chopra

Alva Catriona

Brenda Isaacs

 Ian Black

Dr Bach Centre, UK

Martin & Sue Rossetti

College of Psychic Studies, London

Yamaguchi Sensei, Tokyo

Takata Sensei, London

Dr Peatfield-Durrant

Francis Rico

Sandra Ingerman

Shona Sullivan

Dr Marta Niccolai

Parelli Institute, US, Switzerland, UK

Monty Roberts Equestrian Academy,  Solvang, California

My students and clients

My Gorgeous Beau who opened my heart to helping horses,

Dedel, Aurora-Rose, Izzy, Hoskins, Panda


Lorena Langley, the last medicine woman of the Koasati Tribe

for her beautiful drums, rattles, smudge feathers.

I am truly blessed and feel supported now by her spirit through them.

To the many Authors and/or Lecturers who educated and inspired

and continue to do so some of whom are named below

in gratitude:

Larry Dose MD,  Robert O Becker MD

Andrew Weil MD

Black Elk

 Dr Masaru Emoto

John Two Eagles Waterhawk

Kirstin Madden

Bobby Lake-Thom

John (Fire) Lame Deer

Mathew King

Lewis Mehl-Madrona MD

Dr Michael Harner

Dr John Christopher

Dr Bernard Jensen

Robert Shapiro

Bear Heart

Denise Linn

Leo Rutherford

William S Lyon

The Secret

Paul Francis

Joseph Rael Beautiful Painted Arrow

Michael Drake

And the many, many other authors' whose words inspired,

directed and guided me,

the workshop teachers in the early days whose names I forget

but not their teachings,

to those who helped me

on my own healing journeys in

1989, 1992, 2002, 2007


to those teachers and helpers yet to come.

I am ever grateful and hugely thankful.

And to the 

"Great Spirit, Great Mystery,

Creator Energy,

my beautiful

Animal and Spirit Guides,

My Benevolent Healing Helpers,

Ancestors past, present, future

without whom I would not be here nor be as I am;

the gift that is Mother Earth and Father Sky,

Spirits of the Four Directions,

Spirits of the Four Elements.

All Ancestors 2 legged, 4 legged, winged, finned, furred,

creepers, crawlers, plant, tree and rock people.

Wondrous Light Energies here and through the veil

who answer my call,

for myself and others.

I am truly humbled




"It is to you

that all healings and teaching thanks belong,

as everything is your work through me."

Feral Blessings

to All

past, present, future.

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