May 2009 Dr Barry Durrant-Peatfield

I met Fiona Oct 2007. Her knowledge, skills, determination Fiona used to orchestrate her healing schedule, treated herself calling in therapeutic friends until she was physically able, then treated herself fully, were guided by my specific knowledge within this field with supportive testing.  "I must use what I've learned and am professional in, I must walk the talk, put in the effort, use all I know and it's classic healer heal thyself doctor or I'm a fraud. And I'm not' she wrote to me.  These words struck me and I supported her fully upon meeting Fiona.  Her successful turning around of her health, to adrenals that went from one of the most serious set of results I had ever seen in 50 years of practice and how she was standing in those moments in my office, looking as she did belied the truth of the absolute severity of her case with imminent collapse highly likely. This did occur 2 weeks later.  To achieve fully repaired and clear test results, I can only confirm were the result of her extreme efforts and knowledge of natural healing. Fiona attained her health goal.  A remarkable achievement.


Chloe Wilmot, Veterinary Student :     A Parelli Demonstration On-Line and at Liberty with Merlin


'The first thing I noticed was their bond. Merlin was very trusting of Fiona and knew exactly what she was asking of him.  They started at the top of the hill as I watched, followed a route that both Merlin and Fiona agreed on. As they made their way down, they reached the flatter land at a pace that suited Merlin. Once there, Fiona's care and love for Merlin was really shown by her ability to communicate with and guide him and his communication and trust of her.  Merlin was checking back with Fiona with his ears, eyes, head sometimes, at every chance showing the understanding and bond each had of and to the other.  All the while his mouth was soft and expression relaxed.

When off a lead line which Fiona said is termed  'at liberty', Merlin was just as connected, attentive and comfortable; the bond they have is astounding. I was literally blown away and told Fiona so.

The whole experience was an amazing and beautiful example of such a special connection which I did not know was possible.

A really unique experience."



Susan, Hampshire


Fiona is kind hearted and trustworthy, with an exceptional gift of lifting others up in time of need.


I recently attended the shamanic drumming on line and it was a fascinating experience that I would fully recommend. I felt refreshed and totally energised afterwards.


Fiona also guided me through a difficult period in my life and am I am grateful.



Maria Rossetter, nr Exeter, Devon


I joined my first shamanic drumming with Fiona (we're in a work bubble) and it was amazing.  Fiona explains everything and makes you feel so welcomed. The vibration of the music and drumming lifts you and you're just in the 'now'. It connects you with Mother Earth. I would definitely recommend Fiona and shamanic drumming to everyone and anyone who may be feeling anxious and needs healing. Thank you Fiona for a wonderful experience and looking forward to the next one!


Abby Stacey & Treatment for my Dog Eva, Southend, Essex

🌅💗💞🌌 Thank you for being the catalyst in our lives for opening a new door 🌈 I am eternally grateful 🌌🌟🌅 


Andrew Wallace BSc BVSc CertEP PgCert(VBM) CertAVP MRCVS, Buckingham, Bucks

Advanced Practitioner in Equine Practice

Veterinary Surgeon & Director, Buckingham Equine Vets

Fiona is a warm, caring, passionate individual who has dedicated her life to the health and happiness of horses and the wellbeing of those immersed in horse ownership.  She utilises her vast knowledge of natural healing to help rehabilitate, and provides a safe-haven for old, infirm and rescued horses in need of long term support. All animals under her care are treated with the utmost respect and welcomed into a compassionate environment to aid their natural recovery.  When appropriate Fiona calls on conventional veterinary medicine to work with her techniques, and prioritises the interest of the horses she cares for above all else.



Arina Khanna, Buckingham, Bucks

Fiona is a wonderful, generous teacher. I did her 'Intro to Energy Work' Sunday.  Learned masses. We did shamanic drumming (never heard of it! It was amazing!) a 'taster' to open hearts and minds. She talked of 'intent' and Law of Reciprocity, Sacred Space and so much more, and told us all her courses, drumming afternoons too ALL have her intention built into them of healing, help and progression for each person because 'why wouldn't I?'. I asked lots of questions as all this stuff was new to me. Approachable, open. Loved it.


I highly recommend Fiona to anyone. 


Ruth Fernback, Bucks


I first met Fiona in 2018 when I was going through a separation and divorce. I was drawn straight away to her kind, caring, intuitive energy. As we sat talking in her paddock surrounded by her rescue horses, I realised that the universe had brought me to Fiona for some reason.

Since then, with her help, I have grown emotionally and spiritually. I did my Reiki Level 1, 2, and horse module courses with Fiona, I have witnessed first-hand how Reiki can heal, when Fiona took on and saved a laminitic pony from being put to sleep. I have been supported through her professional help in many ways through difficult times when I have felt down and confused and her way of doing therapy has opened up a different perspective or way of looking at things for me and my outlook on life has grown more positive.

In addition to 1:1 therapy, Reiki, Shamanic work I discovered Drumming Therapy, one of the most powerful and intense experiences I have ever had which helped me work through an issue and out the other side in one session. Now I join the drumming circles.

Fiona is a true healer in every sense of the word, whether it be human, animal, plant or building. I'd go as far as to say, she is amazing in many ways: in her teachings, her insight, her caring supportive nature and her calm methods of teaching, and practice of therapy that truly connect and inspire.


I am honoured and grateful to have met her.



Paul McMaster, Desborough, Northants


As soon as I got there and met Fiona, I knew it was "right". The feel of the place was amazing, in its own little bubble with a palpable aura of peace and tranquility, as indeed was Fiona herself. 

Now, like so many others, I have my own baggage, my own hurts, disappointments and bad choices or decisions, which I have carried with me through life, and buried deep down in an attempt to forget about and not have to face. The problem is, in doing so, we don't realise how they can affect us still as we continue through life.   And this was my problem.   I had pushed my feelings, my hurt and disappointment from a choice - a decision I had made earlier in life, so far down, I had no inclination as to how it had been affecting me.  All I knew was that nothing I tried to do seemed to work out right; something always came along to block my path and prevent me going forward.  But once I started talking with Fiona, I couldn't stop until I'd got it all off my chest, out in the open and explained all the reasons behind my decision etc. All of it.  That's how easy it was to work with Fiona.  And in just one two hour session, Fiona heard what I hadn't been able to and put a spotlight on what the root cause of my block was and the cause of all my problems. Then she guided me along, taught me how I could allow me to forgive myself, there and then and worked with me to put it all in the past properly, AND cleared the blockage that had been holding me back. For years.

Now? All is good. I have no block holding me back.  Things are beginning to work out much better, all thanks to just a single session. How good is that!


Trust me, you won't regret working with Fiona in any way, shape or form, on anything in your life. She is a wonderful person to know, and will help you in so many ways!


Clare Fogarty, Calvert Green, Bucks


"What a wonderful, warm, welcoming, knowledgeable lady I have the pleasure to know.  It was a very chance meeting that I actually even came to know Fiona.   I was told by someone, you will love her, just go and knock on her door.  You're both on the same wavelength she will welcome you.  So off I did, I felt the universe was telling me to do it and do it now.   


Well I have never looked back. I had a lovely welcome,  sat in the garden for nearly 2 hours.  I'm a reiki master teacher and work with animals so I knew we would be like minded.  Fiona has opened a whole new level for me, the power of Shamanic Drumming.  You can just feel the energy around her,  I can go really deep with the drumming on a level I have never been before and the meditations.   I'm just a newbie but love every minute in this ladies company.    You will not regret getting to know Fiona.  She really will change your life... In the best possible way." 


Nicky Benton-Simcock, Bucks


As with all incredibly spiritual people, they fall into your life when you most need them but often when you are least expecting them. That was the case for me. A friend suggested I joined her at a drumming session and as I had nothing else to do that day I tagged along. WOW! It was amazing. Not only is Fiona reassuringly knowledgeable she is also delightful and immensely welcoming, to the point that I felt she had been waiting for me to show up all along! As for the drumming – boy did it get stuff moving! I was struggling to find myself within the process of a painful divorce and was weighed down with regret, anger, sadness and fear but the from the moment I struck my first beat I felt something start to shift. I came away from that afternoon feeling so much lighter and positive, and more ‘heard’ and ‘held’ than I had my entire life. I’m a total convert (I now have two beautiful drums of my own) and am a totally born again Fiona groupie.

Josephine Wood, Quainton, Bucks

'Vets said nothing could be done for my pony who had chronic laminitis/metabolic disorder for 8 months and it would be kinder to euthanise her.  A student of Fiona's at my yard suggested I should seek Fiona's help. Am I glad I did!  Fiona met me and said "I can help Hattie but she must come now, or it will be too late".  Hattie was tested by Dr Andrew Wallace. Fiona explained she had to 'see' inside Hattie even though it wouldn't change what she was doing. Hattie's hooves had 9 degree rotation in both fronts and her pedal bones had dropped and you could see the tip on entry in the hoof sole. When Fiona saw that she knew she had done as guided and was still to progress, undeterred. "It will take time" Fiona kept saying.  1 year later Hattie is galloping with the herd, jumping barrels; lives outside, eats grass, plays with her adopted family and in every way is a happy, healthy pony.  And she has pretty little hooves, like every other pony.  Honestly, if it weren't for Fiona my Hattie would be dead."