Energy Work

Dowsing, divining, flower essences, essential oils, rattles, drums,

crystals, flowers, herbs, divining cards, spiritual work, Reiki, psychotherapy, shamanic work in fact all natural therapies

are within the collective termed Energy Work. As practitioners

we are not only interested in the herb, flower, oil but the energy of it.

With my clients and students I share, discuss answer questions

around the topic of energy work.  After all, when you hold in your

mind the Law of Vibration, everything resonates with it's own

unique vibration therefore, everything is about the frequency

of that vibration and it's effect upon what one is doing and its effect

upon them.


A disease or illness, health or life challenge will affect our unique vibrational frequency adversely which means lowering it, which is a negative state.

Also, energy is swirling around, within and outwards from,

everything and I consciously work within that flow.

I am keen that my courses are fun and they all include working

with pendulums, rods, your hands, cards, your intuition,

your guides for yourself, with each other, so that you can experience

new things, see and feel what I am talking about.

Welcome to the beautiful vibrations and many guises of

Energy Work.

Energy Work Part 1   £150

Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th Oct 10am - 5pm

Furthering your experience and learning gained in Part 1 and going outside and working with Ley Lines and underground water veins, seeking energy pools.

Pure Pendulum Dowsing . . . An Introduction   £60

Saturday 14th November 10am - 5pm

What it is.  How it works. Begin to learn how to do it.  Dowsing for you and yours.  To assist the newbie or help progress those  a little way along  the dowsing path.

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