"...from the moment I struck my first beat I felt something start to shift.

I came away from that afternoon feeling so much lighter and positive,

and more ‘heard’ and ‘held’ than I had my entire life". 

Nicky Benton-Simcock, Bucks


Did you know the rhythms of Drumming can also be used for healing?

Drumming entrains your rhythms, your vibrations, 

to that of our giver of life, our Creative force, our Mother Earth, which after all, is the giver and provider of all that gives us life and maintains our existence.

As the drum releases it's healing vibrations, your whole being resonates

to the rhythmic drumming patterns.  These influence the internal rhythmic patterns of the individual whomever or whatever requires healing and re-harmonises those distorted patterns that are thought to be causing

illness or imbalance.  This sympathetic resonance forms new harmonic alignments, opens the body’s various energy meridians and chakras, releases

blocked emotional patterns, promotes healing and helps reconnect us to our core.  The sound patterns of the beats,  also enhance your sense of empowerment and stimulates your creative expression, raises your vibration,

you feel happier, more centred, in harmony with all around you, part of it.

...the Web of Life,

Our Western lifestyle often separates us from the truth of what we are . . . animals . . .  part of 'nature'  not apart from nature.

What Happens In A Session?

In a drum therapy session I can hear and respond to the drum's language of vibration.  I'm aware of every  change in sound, tempo, resonance

picked up by the drum (or rattle)  as I am working around a sick/injured area.

These subtle yet audible changes thru the drum's vibrational

voice I understand..

I receive pictures, words, phrases, rhythms, guidance as to what to do,

where to do it and I receive feelings that are not about me from my guides.


Drumming engulfs our entire consciousness. Those waves of vibrations lap, like the beautiful waves upon a shoreline, through body, mind, emotions and soul creating movement, change and healing as they do when I work

with plants, trees, land, places, situations that are stagnant and seemingly


Myself and my clients have experienced huge emotional shifts,

mental blocks dissolving, leaps in personal healing and positive change that have rippled out into our lives for highest good and benefit.

Drumming is also a therapeutic means that does not require

re-living any issue through talking therapy.

Amongst other things, I am a psychologist and psychotherapist so I know

there is a time for everything:

for talking,

being silent,

sharing, or NOT -

until you are ready.

Or never! 

The universe has provided so many different ways

to get you to where you want to, and need to go.

In my drumming afternoons you may also work with a drum

from my collection of vintage Native American drums,

for the small fee of £10.​


Each drum is infused with the energies of the drum maker,

the artist's intent in their painting on the drum, 

the healers who have owned them before me if

Vintage Native American

as they're the only 'previously owned'  drums I have.

To me, I feel the Spirit of each drum as an individual.  Some of those that have been pre-loved have literally made me cry as I held them, the sadness

within them palpable.  So much so, I contacted the seller and asked about the

owner.  The vibrations of sorrow, grief, at those losing a loved one and

those vibrations infusing the drum, or  the drum spirit harbouring the loss as in death of it's keeper, or is it the sadness at no longer being with their tribe within their community, for healing benefit, divination and celebration?


Feeling these vibrations guided me to do healing work on each drum, and reminded me of the gift I had been given through my Reiki Master level of how to input healing energy within a living thing that would radiate  for it's life.

This cleanses, energises, protects and places this blessing of

the healing Universal Life-force Energy to forever radiate out from them

for as long as they exist.

Then I do a ceremony to welcome, bless and thank the Drum Spirit

for coming into my life, and joining me in a partnership of healing and the creation of positive change within whomever the

Great Mysterious One sends to our door.

Some drums will share their name.  The name is sacred and if revealed

to you, should be kept secret as it's a gift to you.  Be guided by Spirit.

A shamanic, Native American, Wicca or Druid drum have very specific creative criteria.  It is all about gratitude and respect so any animal materials must have been from animals who have passed naturally and their bones discovered. All remains will be blessed within a ceremony of gratitude honour and thanks

for their life and for their gifts bestowed.

For me,  each drum feels different, sounds different.

When your healing drum Spirit chooses you, I guide you to hold their face to your heart to connect, breathe, express gratitude, thanks and joy for what

they are willingly about to gift you.  And gently begin your dialogue.

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