"...from the moment I struck my first beat I felt something start to shift.  I came away from that afternoon feeling so much lighter and positive, and more ‘heard’ and ‘held’ than I had my entire life". 

Nicky Benton-Simcock, Bucks


The rhythms, the vibrations of Drumming are used for healing.  Drumming entrains your rhythms, your vibrations, to that of our giver of life, our Creative force, our Mother Earth, which after all, is the giver and provider of all that gives us life and maintains our existence.

As the drum releases it's healing vibrations, your whole being resonates to the rhythmic drumming patterns.  These influence the internal rhythmic patterns of the individual whomever or whatever requires healing and re-harmonises those distorted patterns that are thought to be causing illness or imbalance. This sympathetic resonance forms new harmonic alignments,  opens the body’s various energy meridians and chakras, releases blocked emotional patterns, promotes healing and helps reconnect us to our core. The sound patterns of the beats, also enhance your sense of empowerment and stimulates your creative expression, raises your vibration, you feel happier, more centred, in harmony with all around you, part of it ...the Web of Life,

Our Western lifestyle often separates us from the truth of what we are . . . animals . . .  part 'of ' nature' not 'apart from' nature.

Some drums will share their name.  The name is sacred and if revealed to you, has always been considered sacred and secret but, ultimately  ask if  their name is able to be shared and be guided by Spirit and honour the answer you receive.

Drums I have photographed and featured on my websites gave permission for me to do so.

A shamanic, Native American, Wicca or Druid drum have very specific creative criteria.  It is all about gratitude and respect so any animal materials must have been from animals who have passed naturally. All remains will be blessed within a ceremony of gratitude, respect, honour and thanks for their life, their gifts and the sacred objects which are whatever remains are being used.

For me,  each drum feels different, sounds different and has their own unique expression of Drum Spirit. When your healing drum Spirit chooses you, I guide you to hold their face to your heart for you to connect, breathe, express gratitude, thanks and joy for what they are willingly about to gift you.  And gently begin your dialogue from and through your heart.