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for use with people and animals

Dowsing for health is a therapy I had in my mid-20s from world-renowned dowsers Christopher and Veronica Strong. I was impressed when my symptoms began to dissipate following what was dowsed and my path back to health was opening up.  They had succeeded where doctors had no idea what was going on and other therapies had helped to small degrees.  Dowsing picked up on what was going on within me.  My body, I had the answers and Chris & Veronica's dowsing revealed them. 

I followed their instructions at home and 6 weeks later felt so much better and that health just kept on going as long as I followed what their dowsing had revealed.

The Strongs became my teachers, mentors and I their assistant at times in class, for decades.  

I am an advanced dowser working in all areas with pendulum, rods, bobbing rods helping people, animals, trees, gardens dowsing the issue and needed solution, discerning what will best help, what should be eaten or not, best supplements, amount, when, for how long. 

If home/building/land issues I dowse what the problem is, what is needed to change the status-quo, which may be lay-lines, geopathic stress, ancestral memory and so on, and what then is needed to heal the cause that will eradicate and re-harmonise the place.


Image by Haley Owens
Horses healing feeds dowsed for 15 years

Your body, you, know what is good for it and you, and what isn't whether it is foods, activities, environments, people, homes, energies, lay lines, geopathic stress, old energies hanging about, negative energy being felt and so on.


I dowse the horses' healing daily herbal feeds from day 1 when they arrived having been abused or extremely sick so as to treat all levels of their being, ie. holistic, from the inside out, just like with humans.


They look happy, chilled and healthy don't they?

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