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(please purchase the exact brand listed as

not all things are made equal as we have found out!

We fully research and consistently look

for the best value price-wise)

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in the footer. All money goes to horse supplements, herbs, essential oils, flower essences, tinctures etc etc. that are 

treating medical conditions cheaper and more effectively

than allopathic medicines.


Speak with me and see what I have scheduled for my next order of natural health treatment items for the horses, or donate to a specific horse's health requirements and you can meet them.


Choose one of the items below buy direct from the website listed

and get sent to us for the horses.

Just email me to tell me of your gift and get the address.

Bute Substitute Liquid 5 Litres £55.95

Bute Substitute Powder with MSM  £46.95

Hormonise 5 litres £67.49

Serrapet 250,000iu  £49.95/£149.85

A horse needs 6-8 pills a day so we buy the purchase 3

get 1 free offer!

Plusbac Equine Probiotic 25 Litre Drum


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 towards the horses'  health and care