Monthly Drumming Circle


Dowsing & Divination









Healing Drumming Circle & Dates

Part 1:   11am to 1.15pm Shamanic Drumming with Journeying

(Experience of Shamanic Journeying needed) bring lunch and snacks.

Part 2:  2pm to 5pm   Healing Shamanic Drumming

No fee BUT please donate to Horse Home which I explain about. 

You must contact me to book a place for either:

Part 1 or Part 2 or to book on both Part 1 & 2.

Sunday 2nd February

none in March

none in April

Sunday 3rd May

Sunday 7th June

Sunday 5th July

Sunday 2nd August

Sunday 6th September

Sunday 4th October

Sunday 1st November

Sunday 6th December!

Reiki Level 1   (1 weekend) January 25/26th £200

Reiki Animal Module with Horses or Dogs  February  22/23rd £200

Reiki Level 2  £450 1st wknd 14-15 March 2020

2nd weekend  9-10 May

Plus 1  Animal healing day with horse or dog ( date arranged in class)

My focus is to ensure you step out into the professional arena, charging, having confidence in your hands and Reiki, from experience of use and, experience  working with animals.

6 Case Histories (6 sessions each) required to be completed.

Each day includes attunement to begin and end also.

Developing Your Shamanic Journey  Experience

for those who have begun to 'Journey'  1 Day £60

Saturday 7th March,  10am - 5pm

'What is Energy Work?! An Introduction  1 day £60

18th April  10am - 5pm

Sharing my experience gained from many years working with it.  Ask questions.  Includes demonstrations with divining rods, dowsing pendulum.

Begin to Learn to do Energy Work Part 1   £100

Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th May 10am - 5pm

Beginning the path of learning to dowse, card divination, learning to feel energy.  Supports whatever therapies you do or want to do in the future.

Energy Work Part 2    £150

Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th Oct 10am - 5pm

Furthering your experience and learning gained in Part 1 and going outside and working with Ley Lines and underground water veins, seeking energy pools.

Pure Pendulum Dowsing . . . An Introduction   £60

Saturday 14th November 10am - 5pm

What it is.  How it works. Begin to learn how to do it.  Dowsing for you and yours.  To assist the newbie or help progress those  a little way along  the dowsing path.

If you would like to do one of my courses mid-week,

please contact me.

To book or contact me

 please email me here

We are very grateful for your donation 

 towards the horses'  health and care