30 Years Dowsing & Divining, a Talk


Shamanic Journeying

Gift of Ceremony

Spirit of Drum & Rattle

Dowsing & Divination

Guided Meditation

Dowsing Field Work, Ley Lines

& Healing Land Memories

Healing Weekend

30 Years Dowsing & Divining £40
A 2hr Evening Talk via Zoom

Join me for an immersion into the practices and tools that are the art of Dowsing and Divining.  I’ll share stories and pictures of 30 years of active use of these life changing healing arts – along with what experience has taught me are the most effective tools, and how to use them!


We’ll meet via Zoom Video Conferencing for this two hour opportunity for you to discover how you can apply this active wisdom tradition to your life – for your own sake, and for your pets, your family, friends, and your own healing practice.

This meeting will include an opportunity to address your questions and concerns.  Register by contacting me thru the 'please email me here' in the footer of each page of this website.

Shamanic, Dowsing & Divining Intro Day £100
A day of learning about and experiencing the feel of a number of
shamanic practices for you to begin to expand your knowledge and personal use of, at home. 5 places (as per Government guidelines) with me and also, via Zoom.  Please email me to book and pay to confirm your place.
Healing & Drumming Afternoon £60
5 places with me as per Covid restrictions, and via Zoom.  £60
Email me to book and pay to secure your place.  Please email to book,
pay and confirm your place.
Evening Drumming Circle 2hrs £35
For healing and fun with like-minded people during these challenging times.  5 places available with me in person and also via Zoom. Email me please to book and pay to confirm  your place.

Reiki With Horses £50  An Afternoon

Q&A & Demonstration

An opportunity to see Reiki on horses, learn subtleties and techniques yourself and ask questions.   Entry requirements for this is Level 2 Reiki, professional insurance
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All courses, lectures, drumming events require you to book and,

to pay 50% non refundable deposit.   The 50% remaining is due no later than 1 month prior to the course, lecture start date.

Late comers are welcome but you must ring me and see if there is room first, book, pay to secure your place before it starts.

I am very open once you have paid, to you changing courses if you feel you need to, or changing a course fee to therapy fees, or moving to the same course but a different time in the future.

Drumming Circles need to be booked and paid for to secure your booking to be one of the 5 joining me in person or if via Zoom.  Just email me please.





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