For full details and prices of the courses

please go to my Light Vibration School of Shamanic & Healing Practices


There is further information on these courses listed below.

Reiki Level 1, Reiki Level 2 Practitioner (CPD registered),  Master/Teacher Level (CPD registered)

July date coming . . .

Reiki with Horses Module for Equestrians (CPD registered)

August date coming . . . 

Reiki Horse Module for Non-Equestrians (CPD registered)

September date coming . . .

Reiki Re-Attunement £50

July date coming . . .

Drumming Circle with Shamanic Practices via ZOOM  £20. 2 hours

(see my public Group on Facebook:  Fiona Dixon Drum, Rattle, Healing Shamanic Group)

A cost effective way to receive help and high vibrations within a community of people

whose intent is love, light and supportive energies for all our combined highest, greatest good.

Next date is Tuesday 25th 6 - 8pm via Zoom

This Circle is about 'I Am'.  Come and discover . . . 

Drumming Group Therapy Circle with Other Healing Practices  £60. 2.5hrs

6 People only at my practice due to restrictions.

2x a month


This is really group therapy yet, no voicing of issues required but if you would like to tell me privately I am happy to do that then my language in the afternoon will support particular needs without drawing attention to you.

Bring your drum and/or rattle or you may use either from my collections of both

These are either in doors or if weather allows, outdoors working with and in nature.

If I feel guided we use my Firepit to include Fire Ceremony too.

In an accepting, loving, non judgemental environment bring to the table during this Circle to Spirit that which you need help with. The Sacred Space is created and protected by me beforehand, and I guide and enfold the Circle  in the highest vibration, Spirit.