Cherry tree


Counselling / Psychotherapy

​One-to-one - 1:30mins - £95

Couple - 2:00 - £150

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

with Sweetheart, Merrily or Poppet pictured. There is Benjamin Button, Mozart or Jumbo too

1:30mins - £95​

Hypnotherapy Womb Chair
Hypnotherapy with Neuro Linguistic Programming


1:30mins - £95

Dowsing for Health, Healing & Wellness


1:30mins - £85​

Fortune Telling
Reiki for Sweetheart
Reiki for People & Animals at my practice


1:30mins -


£75 People

£65 Animals

I do home/horse yard visits in local area.  Outside local area please contact me to discuss.

Reiki Repeat Attunement & Reiki Session (for any level)


2 Hours - £150

Deeply Beautiful Holistic Re-set of You


3 Hours - £300

Healing Sound & Vibration


1 Hour Personal Session - £88

2hr Healing Sound/Drum Circle In-Person held at my home practice £44 (Winter max 6 persons)

Divine Healing
Shamanic Work

2 Hours - £222             3 Hours - £333               4 Hours - £444

DB, Cheshire (Reiki, Psychotherapy, Shamanic)

he moment I met Fiona I felt everything I had held onto want to just, release. My eyes started to well up. Something re-assuring ... a grace mingled with kindness felt so ... safe, to be real, authentic.  I would almost have believed I'd been met by an angel at the gate. Thank you.