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Hypnotherapy session

Hypno-Psychotherapy . . . What Is It?

I am a classically extensively trained, psychotherapist. Within my training was hypnosis but I loved hypnosis so much I have gone into further training to Master Level.  As the name suggests, you are combining psychotherapy with hypnosis.

It too is a confidential process, held with a professional practitioner on a 1:1 basis though I have done couple and group relaxation and therapy, Shamanic Journeying and Healing sessions using hypnotherapy.

The hypnotherapy adds the ability to harness the power of the subconscious mind to aid and facilitate your healing progress with your issue(s) because we are able to by-pass the often time obstructive conscious mind the CEO and bring in the Chairman so to speak of your sub-conscious mind to help speed things up, cut through the dross and time wasting, set things in motion and do all sorts of amazing things that psychotherapy alone would not be able to achieve.

It is able to be used for all manner of situations, fears, phobias, anxiety, stress, relaxation techniques, helping with PTSD, sports performance, exam performance, increasing confidence, find reasons why one feels a certain way when life experience has not caused it and harnessing the wonderful landscape of one's altered state of conscious awareness and inner world which is incredibly powerful, effected in a safe, trustworthy therapeutic relationship for your highest good and mental, emotional and physical well-being.

It's positive uses are only limited by the therapeutic creative thinking of your practitioner.  


I see myself as a detective on your behalf.  Self preservation hides things from us but when you are in a safe environment, with no emotional familial or friendly association ie. it is confidential and there is no possibility of shared concerns/events coming back at you weaponised, the right therapist and therapy can help you change your life around and get you onto the life track you really want to be on.

Experiences can have long-term effects, create disharmony within you, have knock on effects.  Hiding things deep within us, bears the wrong kind of fruit later on. Hiding is just that.  Fear is mostly at the basis of all issues.

Of course this also allows for past life regression, future life progression, working with timelines, practicing taught techniques in hypnosis out of it with me with you, then back into hypnosis to seal the work so you there and then can tell me what you feel harnessing your own personal power helped along by me, and all manner of wonderfully helpful therapeutic methods to take away with you and use in your life.

The most important point is you must feel you trust me as you place yourself in my hands.

Look through my website . . . follow your gut.  Invariably going against what was your initial gut feeling is at the basis of most, not all, negative life events for which people seek help.

"Be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop."    Rumi

Japan Falling Leaves
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