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Spirit Helps All It's Creations


Shamanism enfolds all Mother Earth's species

What Do Shaman/Shamanic Mean
And How Do They Relate To Animals?

Shaman is a term that describes a "vibrational art"- having the ability to see things outside of the realm of "normal" reality.

Shamanism provides guidance for our spiritual journey and tools for navigating the world with grace and compassion which includes all living beings, all species with authenticity, love and compassion. 

There are others like myself whose skills and destiny very much includes animals' health, wellbeing, wholistic care. With animals we use our abilities and of course, ask Spirit in for help to seek harmony, healing, understanding and illumination as I work with their whole being.

This may include cradling them and you, within pure love and compassion, using my skills to support holistically as they are preparing to leave and travel home with Spirit.

Spirit is in Everything

"Everything has its own frequency, own vibration.

The 2 legged, 4 legged, winged, finned, furred, creepers, and the crawlers.

Energy is Spirit in each form, each an expression of Creation.

I work with Spirit at this deep energetic level."


Burning candles on a windowsill. A cozy corner in the house. _White cat laying on windowsi

What Would This Session Help With?

The seemingly unsolvable problems, dilemmas, difficulties and life challenges that other endeavours have achieved little or no movement within. 


This is because there is a revolutionary experience of life that can open beyond the limitations of what we’ve believed is possible and these seemingly unsolvable situations can be transformed. ​

You do not have to believe anything for shamanic work to be effective. You simply have to be willing to experiment for your loved animal family, the guidance, resources and practices that emerge from our work together for their highest good.

How Does A Shamanic Session Help Your Loved Pet?

Same as with people. All beings are children of Spirit.

To paraphrase Jesus, “the kingdom of energy surrounds us, but we don’t see it…” Until we do. Then, a revolutionary new experience of life beyond the limitations of what we’ve believed becomes possible. The seemingly unsolvable problems and difficulties faced can be transformed.
“Problems” become situations –  situations frequently resolve into beneficial outcomes.​

Through your and my love and compassion I call in help on your loved one's behalf just as I do
for my own and many who have trodden this path before you.

Spirit Answers Our Call for All

"When you do things from your soul,
you feel a river moving in you,
a joy."


All Are Children of Spirit
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