Gratitude, Love & Thanks

To my teachers, most here but some gone 'home',

who have brought me to where I am today.

Ashana Crystal Bowl Master

Christopher & Veronica Strong

Dr Martin Israel

National College of Hypnosis & Psychotherapy

Dr Richard Bandler

John Grinder

Paul McKenna

The Foundation for Shamanic Studies,US

Dr Marta Niccolai PhD

Sandra Ingerman

Shona Sullivan

Francis Rico

Dr Alberto Villoldo PhD

Marcelo Lobos

Puma Freddy Quispe Singona 

Nicole Perez

Dr Richard Schulze

Deepak Chopra

Brenda Isaacs

 Ian Black

Dr Bach Centre, UK

College of Psychic Studies, London

Yamaguchi Sensei, Tokyo

Takata Sensei, London

Dr Peatfield-Durrant

Lorena Langley, last Medicine Woman of the Koasati Tribe

Parelli Institute, US, Switzerland, UK

Monty Roberts Equestrian Academy,  Solvang, California

My students and clients

My Gorgeous BeauDedel, Aurora-Rose, Bertie,

Izzy, Hoskins, Panda, Hattie

and also to . . .

Larry Dose MD,  Robert O Becker MD

Andrew Weil MD, Black Elk

 Dr Masaru Emoto

John Two Eagles Waterhawk

Kirstin Madden, Bobby Lake-Thom

John (Fire) Lame Deer, Mathew King

Dr Michael Harner, 

Robert Shapiro, Bear Heart

Denise Linn, Leo Rutherford

William S Lyon

and many, many more

I am ever grateful and hugely thankful.