There are 5 places first come first served basis, as per present government guidelines.  But places also via Zoom.

After the 2 hr circle I always allow extra time for questions.
You do need to email me to book your place.
I  guide, share knowledge, and teach about drumming. We have fun, it is uplifting, healing and harmonising for our whole being
and the Spirits of Drum & Rattle are beautiful gifts.
The Drum Spirit in the background is a genuine Native American Pow Wow drum, of the Pikuni Blackfeet Tribe that was passed to me by a lovely lady of Native American ancestry
who brought it to me from the US.  It is termed Big Medicine and I am blessed that it has chosen to spend time with me, in my healing life for reasons only Drum Spirit knows.
I have a large Vintage Drum collection, mostly Native American in origin, don't know why but they are. These are available to rent for an evening  for £10 or the course of mine you are on for £20.  They cannot be removed from the premises though.