Time to Heal

Whether a human or animal, healing takes time.

Chronic issues which means any issue that has

been being experienced for a long time, just needs more time to reverse, and the healing required through the whole

being to take effect, repair the damage and become

evident requires patience.

Within 'time' is also the fact that healing is not linear.

You don't start and keep going in a straight line

ie. without dropping back.

The healing path goes forwards 3 steps back 1; forward 10

back 5; forward 2 forward 4 back 3 until the momentum

forwards on the healing path is many more good days then

a backward flip until one realises they feel great, look

great and haven't limped for example or felt pain since

they can't remember.

I do many healing modalities complementary

to each other.

I use whatever are required for that situation.

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