Helping You

When I work,

my intent is for the highest good in the situation

and what is 'needed now' by this person, horse, dog, tree,

house, land etc

for healing, health and holistic harmony.

This is my focus.

In tandem, sometimes I need to uncover the cause which I do

through the use of Shamanic practices.


I am also ever mindful of alleviating symptoms

which I do via the myriad of therapies I do.


And my desire is for relief as quickly as possible.

I have worked to help many animals, trees, plants, houses,

land, situations, and non of these  'understand or 'believe' or

have a personal belief system in line with mine.  They just, are.

But, even untrained eyes, see animals react in the moment to what

they are receiving, owners report back how their animal has positively

reacted physically, mentally, emotionally.


Healing places?  Well, they feel different

after I have worked with the energy, I am told by my clients,

and something is felt and seen to have changed.


There is the other side to the coin of life,

and that is transitioning onwards on one's journey thru

the door termed death which in shamanic speak we call


What is needed isn't healing as in getting well,

but healing out of fear into grace and knowing that home,

is home, where the soul heart is.


My role for this is as guide, to help a person, dog,

horse, other loved one, prepare for their journey 'home'

and even be present at a soul level, in which I

shamanically travel with them, on a spiritual level, to 

accompany and guide their soul 'home'.


People fear what they consider to be the unknown.

Actually, it is only 'not remembered'.  We came from 'there'

and are just re-tracing our steps wiser from the journey experienced.

I work in this regard thru Shamanic practices and prepare the way,

so the transition from physical body to pure spirit

 is made with inner peace and grace.

I help people thru the conscious, sub-conscious and spiritual work

using the shamanic, psychotherapeutic, hypnotherapeutic

and spiritual side of my practice

which may include the spirit of essential oils, flower essences,

herbs, crystals.