Helping You

When I work,

my intent is for the highest good in the situation;

seek the cause through the use of Shamanic practices,

mindful of alleviating symptoms with the myriad

of therapies I do.

for relief as quickly as possible.

You, your life,

are a reflection of  your internal world.

Your outer reflects your inner.

What I do doesn't need belief.

It's not placebo.

Animals, trees, plants don't understand or 'believe'.

They do react positively to what I do when I'm doing it,

and their owners see change manifest.


Places?  Well, they feel different

after I have worked with the energy, I am told by my clients.


But sometimes . . . it isn't about healing as in getting well.

My role is to help a person, dog,

horse. other loved one, journey 'home'.

Then I help dissolve fear as I work in spirit

thru Shamanic practices and prepare the way,

so their transition to spirit is made with inner peace and grace.

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