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Psychotherapy is about healing through your past

What Is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a confidential process, held with a professional practitioner on a 1:1 basis which is about freeing you from the negative echoes of past life experience.

It  is a therapy in which you are able to discuss your situation, dilemma, issue, life challenge, be guided and assisted by a professional trained in certain psychotherapeutic modalities that support your forward progress through whatever has occurred in your life, for which you have sort help.  

Emotional baggage can weigh heavier and heavier with the passage of time.  Our self protective pushing things away within our psyche


I refer to psychotherapy as a 'classic' therapy, sitting opposite your therapist and working through whatever you have brought to the table so to speak, for help with.

I am highly trained having graduated over 20 years ago, with a Certificate, then a Diploma from The National College of Hypnosis & Psychotherapy where I trained as a psychologist, counsellor, psychotherapist and hypnotherapist also covering psychopathology.

My way of practicing is gentle yet directed having studied the 6 main schools of psychotherapy: Jungian psychotherapy which is an holistic, permissive, gentle approach with archetypes and spiritual elements. Eriksonian Psychotherapy used within hypnosis which effects wonderful results, Gestalt's Humanistic/Person-Centred Psychotherapy which I like as does Rogers' Person-Centred Psychotherapy, and Beck's Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.  The one I never use which I trained in is Freudian as it does not resonate with me at all.

After years of practice the way I work is gentle, permissive yet directed, results driven and I can tailor sessions to really fit my client because I have trained in more than one psychotherapeutic method.


My focus and intention is to enable you to get through whatever has brought you to my door, then on with your life harmony restored. You and I are focused on effecting the changes you seek so you can live the life you deserve.  A happy full one doing all that you would like to do.

If someone has had no trustworthy support within a family or group of friends this is understandable and not unique.  Then talking is a great way to begin.  I then help get you in the perfect place to move into Hypno-psychotherapy or whatever I feel is the best avenue from all I do to have you attain your goal. After all, we want you free of 'this', having learned from 'this', gained the positive, realised carrying the negative only affects you not 'them' the 'others' or 'it', help you to release yourself from the cause of what has occurred to put you in 'this' place, then find your happiness, grace, acceptance also, to move through and beyond 'it'.

It all comes down to harmony.

Even if you come for issues such as fears, phobias, anxiety, depression these all have causes which you may know or may need help seeking out.  I have had clients for whom fears came from past lives, so regression therapy was needed within hypno-psychotherapy and shamanic work for deep past healing.

I further studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming having been trained by both creators of NLP on separate courses, Dr Richard Bandler and Paul Grinder, which I combine naturally within my psychotherapy sessions and am a Master Practitioner in NLP.

I also trained further in Hypnosis with the world renowned hypnotist Paul McKenna.  Then I continued with him as a Master NLP & Hypnotherapist Practitioner when he joined forces with Richard Bandler up to Master Practitioner Level.

"Be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop."    Rumi

Japan Falling Leaves
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