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I have always been passionate about animals.  All species.  In my practice I have worked predominately with Horses, Dogs, Cats though I have helped birds, foxes, sheep, various types of birds too.  


In my home life I have rescued all sorts of animals, treated and supported their healing progress.

My horse rescue and forever home here in Devon is hard work yet so rewarding. These souls are supported through my training in Equine Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology, Equine Behaviour & Psychology and Natural Horsemanship (in the USA with Monty Roberts in California, Parelli Natural Horsemanship in Switzerland, US, UK) all to enable me to be of better service to these beautiful sentient beings, my own and yours.

My skills with herbs, essential oils use in bespoke gels/creams and airborne, Reiki, Energy Work, Sound Therapy and hands-on bodywork, shamanic work through Spirit are all used with the living world, our animal family and animal clients.

How Can I Help Your Loved Family Pet?

You can arrange an appointment for your pet to have Reiki, Sound Healing, Dowsing for whatever is going on with them that you need help with enabling me to prepare herbs, flower essences, essential oil treatments, supplements.

Sadly when that time has comes for your animal family member to pass over in Light, I am available to either be there for this if you are unable and my work is shamanic, I accompany them half way across the Rainbow Bridge.  I have done with horses, family pets at their home.

Shamanic work is absolutely appropriate for all living beings. 

I also teach Reiki specifically so you can do this at home on tap when needed, for your human and animal family which I have found invaluable in my life with so many animals within our family.

Even now, I use Reiki daily.  Our dogs will choose to sit with me and push my hand onto them.  My horses with stand to receive.  When they have had enough either I intuit it or they do! They then walk off or the dogs will climb off the sofa, have a stretch and settle down at my feet which means 'thank you I'm done!'. 

Reiki for Sweetheart

Animals know what they need if you know how to ask.
Here Boo Boo needs Orange Calcite which she chose herself from the many choices on the floor in my practice room.
Not chosen for comfort as it is hard as crystal!