For 30 years

I have trained in natural healing methods.


Holistic health is my passion.

(body, mind, soul)

Living it, doing it, teaching it.

I began to discover the amazing effects

of natural medicines and therapies when I was

very ill at 25. Luckily, I was a mystery to the doctors 

which was the catalyst to my need to journey through

the wonderful ocean of natural therapies.  It was a blessing.

In time ... I became well.

And I promised myself I would learn all the therapies 

that made me well, which is why I do so many.


That is why I speak with such conviction

and teach with such passion.


"when you always do what you've always done,

you'll always get what you always got."

Pat Parelli

World Class Natural Horsemanship Trainer

A member of:

the Healing Foundation, UK

The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, California, us

the Society for Shamanic Practice, Santa Fe, us

The college of psychic studies, south kensington, uk

parelli university of natural horsemanship, uk, Switzerland, us

Monty Roberts School of Natural Horsemanship, Solvang, us

Jikiden reiki institute, uk

The Reiki Association, uk

british complementary medicine association

british register of complementary practitioners

international federation of aromatherapists

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