Fiona Elliott Dixon

Shamanic health practitioner


people, animals, places, trees, plants

I am trained in several disciplines.  My passion and fasciation with delving into our whole makeup has been life long and made all these modalities necessary and sensible to me to study because we are whole beings made up of a physical, mental/emotional and soul/spirit aspect of ourselves.  For me, this is also true of animals.  I work as shaman, the true term is actually shamanising which means 'vibrating with Spirit'.  You tell me why you have come to me, what is it you want help with?  I listen intently to you and to Spirit and my Guides who hear, comment to me and provide guidance.  When you have finished I then share how Spirit and my Guides are offering to help you and what I have been directed to do and what we need to get on with. 

I am passionate about health, horses, animals, Mother Earth and all her species of children, and learning.  I am always doing the latter to gain knowledge and through experience my aim is to turn that knowledge into wisdom and be better able to help others and teach those who choose me as their teacher.

To me, everything I have studied is actually a whole.  It always made sense to study nature and her healing bounty which is herbs, food, essential oils, essences. They are such a powerful and important aspect of our survival as after all, without the trees, plants and growing beings we share this planet with, we would die.  They would survive happily and better without us and our interference.


I always what I wanted to be a healer in the old fashioned way, working with Mother Nature and all she provided to feed, help, heal and support us and all that is, all life, Mother Earth and to work with Spirit which is the creative energy in Everything.

The modern world packaged things and gave them names such as psychotherapy, psychology and so on which again made perfect sense to me to study. The mind and emotions are so powerful affecting how we connect with Mother Nature and her bounty. What we believe we become. Focus and intent are powerful drivers and creative forces that I believe result in manifestation.

Shamanic practices are the original ways of all tribes throughout the world which resonate deeply in my shamanic heart and always have.

But you do not have to believe in anything that I do, you do not need to buy into my beliefs and your beliefs may run parallel.  Animals, trees, plants, places, buildings, situations have no belief systems and the shamanic work I have done for them has borne successful results.


All you need to do is be open and understand that wherever I am helping I am working with the whole but, at the level of cause.  I have no desire to treat diseases or diagnose because giving 'it' a name does just that, names 'it' so I will never cross swords with modern medicine because shamanic practices are a whole different path of healing.   Whatever the symptoms it is a crying out at various levels, saying 'look! Help!!'  what was whole is now out of balance, sickening, breaking down to varying degrees and messages are being sent to draw attention to what is happening so we can do something about it.


I will organise protocols to assist in creating comfort and I will also be going back to ground zero which from a shamanic perspective will be in the Soul/emotional/mental part of a being, working on an energetic level which applies to animals, houses, places, situations too.  My focus is to seek the ways in which to enable, strengthen and guide the being so that things are moved at an energetic level so the person, animal, tree, house, place etc reacts positively to the energetic work done and positive change begins to be seen and felt.  I create the fertile ground for harmony to be remembered and restored to whatever degree is appropriate.  I commune with Spirit and my Guides and follow what they direct.

So yes . . . I am classically trained in many things but I  have for many years worked shamanically.

All you need to do, whether for yourself or your animal family member,  home suffering from displaced negative energy, sick trees, sick land and so on, is simply . . .  be willing (which you are as you have found me and asked for help! ),  turn up via Zoom or in person, allow  the  experience of something new, after all, what do you have to lose?  The final step is to  experiment with the guidance, resources and practices that come to light.  After all . . .


"when you always do what you've always done,

you'll always get what you always got."

Pat Parelli

World Class Natural Horsemanship Trainer"

 Member of:

Healing Foundation, UK

Foundation for Shamanic Studies, California, US

Society for Shamanic Practice, Santa Fe, US

Parelli University of Natural Horsemanship, UK, Switzerland, US

Monty Roberts School of Natural Horsemanship, Solvang, US

Jikiden Reiki Institute, UK

The Reiki Association, UK

British Complementary Medicine Association

British Register of Complementary Practitioners

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