Fiona Elliott Dixon

My passion and fascination with our whole makeup has been life long and is on-going.  I chose the therapies I practice I love them.   We are, after all, beings made up of Spirit/Soul/Energy, an Emotional/Mental aspect and, finally, a dense Physical body.   For me, this is also true of animals.  


Shamanic Practices actually denote one that  'vibrates with Spirit' , in other words, shamanic means that person will commune and communicate with Spirit directly and in the form of their personal Guides who are actually also Spirit presented in that form to the person to communicate skills, characteristics and gifts to their human.


How does a session progress with me?

You tell me why you have come to me.  I shall ask questions,  you may ask questions,  I write up a case history.  I listen intently to you and simultaneously  to Spirit and my Guides who hear, comment to me and provide guidance which I will write down and often share.  After all, you are the central story and it's not secret.  I may what we term 'Journey' prior to your session (you have booked and paid so you have chosen to move forwards which is permission) or during, as directed to gain guidance and insight, or afterwards and this is within the fee, it does not cost extra.   When you have finished I then share how Spirit and my Guides are offering to help you and what I have been directed to do and what we need to get on with.  All I have learned and continue to learn are filters through which Spirit's conversation comes and enables me to jump into action because it's familiar territory.  My education and Continual Professional Development is my mental library which continues to be added to, from which I can pluck a metaphorical book from the metaphorical shelves and open the page to what I need and do it.

In shamanic speak, Fire Spirit is Fire but also Passion and Fire Spirit burns brightly in my belly for living life healthfully and joyously, not only me but whomever comes to me for help whether a person, any of Mother Earth's species of children so  any animal, but also places, houses, companies where energy has stagnated, is negative, feels bad, makes one feel nauseous, has had bad things continually happen, won't sell, etc, then I am called in to find out the issue and clear and reset the energy, bring healing and Light in its place and protect the ceremony, the process and the outcome.  This change is felt and seen as change occurs there, positively.


I am always reading, studying, continuing with my teachers to receive knowledge and through experience my aim is to turn that knowledge into wisdom, for you and for whatever needs help. The former does not necessarily lead to the latter.  It requires an open mind, an open heart, application, effort, a compassionate desire to help through love of communing Spirit as Guide and that focus and intention.

To me, everything I have studied is actually a whole.  It always made sense to study nature and her healing bounty which is herbs, food, essential oils, essences. They are such a powerful and important aspect of our survival as after all, without the trees, plants and growing beings we share this planet with, we would die.  They would survive happily and better without us and our interference.


I always wanted to be a healer in the old fashioned way, working with Mother Nature and all she provided to feed, help, heal and support us and all that is, all life, Mother Earth and to work with Spirit which is the creative energy and therefore Everything is an expression of Spirit and all that dies returns home, although some need healing help and guidance.  Dr Martin Israel was my first teacher who assisted me a great deal in learning this.  He was a dear elderly gentlemen who was a medical doctor, Priest and worked for the church dealing with negative energies. 

If you come to me with a physical ailment I will share how powerful the mind and emotions are at affecting how we connect with ourselves, Mother Nature and her bounty.  We are a part of Nature, not apart from Nature and for some, this creates real blockage and disharmony.  I would go as far as to say that humanity's issues, all of them, are caused through this being forgotten. 


Also, what we believe we become. Focus and intent are powerful drivers and creative forces that not only I but many serious minds much greater than I, especially within the field of Quantum Physics agree, result in manifestation.  Necessity is the mother of all invention the saying truly states so  ... intent = focus = creation = manifestation.

Shamanic practices are the original ways of all tribes throughout the world.  I have always resonated deeply with healing practices and ways, but I do also work very comfortably alongside modern medicine as Dr Andrew Wallace an Equine Vet and Orthopeadic Surgeon commented upon from his working with me for years, assisting with tests and X-rays with my horses and client's horses when I lived in Buckinghamshire having recently moved here to Devon Dec 2020.

Be assured that very few clients or students have come holding my belief system, some, but by no means all and they have gained positively when asking my help.  Some have written on my 'Comments' page which goes to show that you do not have to believe in anything that I do, because it is no placebo.  You do not need to buy into my beliefs and your beliefs may run parallel because shamanism is a way of being not a faith.  It is living with respect for everything and love without abuse for the planet,  her bounty and all her children the other animals.  Through my work over the years in addition to people I have helped animals, trees, plants, places, buildings, situations and they have no belief systems and the work I have done for them has borne successful results.  Change has been felt, seen and witnessed.


All you need to do is be open.


Sometimes the path is healing into the challenging journey with grace.  Sometimes the path is healing  out the other side of the challenging journey.  Sometimes the path is healing into death.  Sometimes the path is healing those who have died so loved ones ask for my help so I work with the departed at soul level eg. people who have died in accidents, murdered or committed suicide.


I will organise protocols to assist in creating comfort and I will also be going back to ground zero which from a shamanic perspective will be at Soul level.  I will explore emotional/mental level as necessary and do all I can to alleviate the symptoms manifesting at physical level.   I work on an energetic level which applies to animals, houses, places, situations too.  And I am very happy to complement modern medical treatment.


 My focus is to seek the ways in which to enable, strengthen and guide the being so that things are moved at an energetic level so the person, animal, tree, house, place etc reacts positively to the energetic work done and positive change begins to be seen and felt.


The same is to be said for curses whether specific or ancestral where I will cut these energetic ties created through thought, word and the energetic direction by someone of dark energy for harm and suffering whether singular or to be carried forward through generations.

I always work within Sacred Space which is protected as is my work,  the process and whomever and whatever I am helping. And I am happy to answer whatever questions you may have in the best way I am able although not all things are able to be explained.

So yes . . . I am classically trained in many things and I  have for many years combined these shamanically.

All you need to do is ask for help and allow  the  experience of something new, after all, what do you have to lose?  


The final step is to  experiment with the guidance, resources and practices that come to light.  After all . . .


"when you always do what you've always done,

you'll always get what you always got."

Pat Parelli

World Class Natural Horsemanship Trainer"

 Member of:

Healing Foundation, UK

Foundation for Shamanic Studies, California, US

Society for Shamanic Practice, Santa Fe, US

Parelli University of Natural Horsemanship, UK, Switzerland, US

Monty Roberts School of Natural Horsemanship, Solvang, US

Jikiden Reiki Institute, UK

The Reiki Association, UK

British Complementary Medicine Association

British Register of Complementary Practitioners

Continual Professional Development Certification Organisation