Over many years I have learned more and more,

gained qualifications in further healing modalities 

which I consider overlap and complement

the creation of health and harmony

where ill-health and dis-harmony in various guises 

and degrees, have shown up somewhere in the 

physical, mental, emotional or spiritual part of the body.

 Thru experience and practice,

I have come to know that rarely is 'it' what 'it' appears,

nor is 'it' always complicated, difficult or drawn out to deal with.


The umbrella over all the therapies I do is my shamanic work,

and the other therapies which shelter beneath, 

support and assist the easing and allaying of symptoms

for whomever and whatever presents,

as and if, required.

You do not have to believe in anything,

you do not need to buy into my beliefs

and your beliefs may run parallel.

After all, every faith believes in a creator of all that is,

just by differing names.

Animals, trees, plants, places, buildings, companies

have no belief systems and the shamanic work I have done

for them has borne successful results.

You simply have to be willing ...

open to experiencing something new

 and experiment with the guidance, resources

and practices that come to light in our time together.


"when you always do what you've always done,

you'll always get what you always got."

Pat Parelli

World Class Natural Horsemanship Trainer

A member of:

the Healing Foundation, UK

The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, California, us

the Society for Shamanic Practice, Santa Fe, us

The college of psychic studies, south kensington, uk

parelli university of natural horsemanship, uk, Switzerland, us

Monty Roberts School of Natural Horsemanship, Solvang, us

Jikiden reiki institute, uk

The Reiki Association, uk

british complementary medicine association

british register of complementary practitioners

international federation of aromatherapists

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