Fiona Elliott Dixon

My passion and fascination with our whole makeup has been life long and is on-going.  We are, after all, beings made up of Spirit/Soul/Energy, an Emotional/Mental aspect and, finally, a dense Physical body.   For me, this is also true of animals.  

I am a classically trained psychologist, psychotherapist and hypnotherapist so I get the mind and your subconscious to assist with the attainment of your goals. However, I am also trained and licensed in several other disciplines which I will bring to the table and offer to you if I feel you will benefit.  The choice is always, yours.


If you are not familiar with Shamanic Practices 'shaman' actually is a verb not a noun meaning one that  'vibrates with Spirit' , in other words, shamanic means that person will commune and communicate with Spirit directly and in the form of their personal Guides who are actually also Spirit presented in that form to the person to communicate skills, characteristics and gifts to their human.  I have been guided and am an empath since a little girl.  This I developed over many years..


How does a session progress with me?

You tell me why you have come to me.  I shall ask questions,  you may ask questions,  I write up a case history and I will recommend a way forwards and we begin treatment.

If you come to me with a physical ailment I will share how powerful the mind and emotions are at affecting how we connect with ourselves, Mother Nature and her bounty.  We are a part of Nature, not apart from Nature and for some, this creates real blockage and disharmony.  I would go as far as to say that humanity's issues, all of them, are caused through this being forgotten. 


Also, what we believe we become. Focus and intent are powerful drivers and creative forces that not only I but many serious minds much greater than I, especially within the field of Quantum Physics agree, result in manifestation.  Necessity is the mother of all invention the saying truly states so  ... intent = focus = creation = manifestation.

I have treated myself under the testing assistant of Mr Mike Bowen, Consultant Gynaecologist for the pre-cancerous cells he wished to operate on urgently.  4 months later he confirmed that I had done what I said I would.

I have also treated myself under the testing guidance of Dr Durrant-Peatfield, Thyroid & Adrenal specialist and I repaired my Adrenals and no longer have Addision's Disease as confirmed by all the tests throughout my illness from diagnosis, throughout my self-treatment and confirmation of the healthy state of my once sick adrenals. 

"when you always do what you've always done,

you'll always get what you always got."

Pat Parelli

World Class Natural Horsemanship Trainer"

 Member of:

Healing Foundation, UK

Foundation for Shamanic Studies, California, US

Society for Shamanic Practice, Santa Fe, US

Parelli University of Natural Horsemanship, UK, Switzerland, US

Monty Roberts School of Natural Horsemanship, Solvang, US

Jikiden Reiki Institute, UK

The Reiki Association, UK

British Complementary Medicine Association

British Register of Complementary Practitioners

Continual Professional Development Certification Organisation