WELCOME to my world  . . .

​I have heard and seen a lot professionally and personally. This has enhanced my practice with the reality and experience of life.


I have put this to good use helping listeners on LBC's morning prime time radio show, hosted by Nick Ferrari.

I have also given Inspirational Talks to animal management graduating students at Devon's Bicton College.  

My healing journey began in 1990s when I went to see Christopher and Veronica Strong at The Hale Clinic, London. Highly renowned Dowsers in the UK, I discovered Dowsing, Divination, Energy Work with people, animals, homes, land, water and so much more through them.  But, this first visit was for Dowsing for Health. Within a matter of weeks, I was so impressed in the elevation of my personal health and wellbeing, reversal and eventual disappearance of symptoms the medical profession were still no further forward with. The eventual healing effected, began a 30 year professional and personal association with Chris and Veronica. I was taught by them, mentored by them, sometimes assisted in class. They lived long lives and I knew them until they had both passed on.


On my search for help for me, after another of life's challenges, I found Holistic Aromatherapy. Bespoke use of oils, not bought blends. Loved it and not only that, it felt wonderful to have and the power of the chemicals in the oils effected change on all levels. I learned this too and over the next 3 years was taught by the wonderful Nicole Perez who at that time was the President of the International Federation of Aromatherapists. Learning bodywork, anatomy and physiology, 48 individual essential oils' physical, mental, emotional and spiritual effects on our being therapeutically, was my opening to plants and how nature supplied powerful, beautiful healing resources that smelled divine and in knowing hands, felt amazing. 

Within this same time of exploring therapies to help me, I discovered flower essences. Gentle, powerful, healing.  I began my journey in this field, training and staying in Dr Bach's home Mount Vernon in the UK, to do the practitioner course in Dr Bach Flower Remedies.  A medical doctor who had his practice in Regent's Crescent, London in the 1920s literally a few doors up from where my practice was later to be. Dr Bach eventually gave up medicine, having used his flower essences with his patients and noting those treated solely using his flower essences did not return where as those he treated as a doctor kept coming back with the same or different symptoms. The cause of the malady had not been dealt with through modern medicine.  I went on to study Australian Bush Flower Essences, Dr Bailey's Flower Essences too and now work with any flower essence range shamanically or with dowsing.


​I had realised through my own illnesses that I wanted to be able to work what we term in natural medicine, holistically, as in body, mind, emotions, soul levels as I had learned to do with the essential oils , flower essences and energy work. I wanted to go further though and was drawn to training as a Nutritionist, Herbalist and Colon Hydrotherapist  and worked as such. It has been years now that these have given me knowledgeable filters which I use within my Energy Work and Dowsing for Health & Wellbeing.

In the mid- 90s, life happened with events to recover from, yet again. This is where I had personal experience of psychotherapy and hypnosis. I knew the mind was a powerful ally to harness in our desire for health within each level of our being. I discovered  for me, it was a doorway to our Spiritual being and could be harnessed as a gateway to the Spirit realm. It helped me enormously. I loved the process and felt this was what I wanted to learn next. Like most, awful experiences occur which we survive that do not have to mar lives forever.  My event was actually the doorway to me becoming a psychologist, counsellor, psychotherapist and hypnotherapist. I was educated at The National College of Hypnosis & Psychotherapy. I am also a Master Practitioner in NLP & Hypnosis trained by Paul McKenna and NLP creators, Dr Richard Bandler and John Grinder..

In the 2000s my interest in sound and vibration began to grow too.  Within shamanic practice drums, rattles, Tibetan Om Mani Padme Om gongs and bowls.  My first CD that I discovered, used, loved and felt benefit from was Danny Bechner's Tibetan Singing Bowls; then Klaus Wiese's, Sound of Silence, Tibetan Bowls. Then, Jonathan Goldman Crystal Bowl Chakra Chants. I read their books, attended in person workshops as things in the 2000s were not quite the same regarding the internet and our use of it! Classes were where you could get to them and not online.  I have travelled worldwide to study, seeking out my teachers.  My challenges have also been my doorways, to propel me to seek out what we have available on this beautiful planet, to help repair, re-harmonise, make whole, create anew, heal backwards and forwards, for ourselves, ancestrally, past lives and not just humans but all living things. 


I discovered through the Sound of Ashana, not only her beautiful music which I had used many times. Sounds with high vibration are doorways too, as I create my Sacred Space, meditate along with, listen to whilst healing, relax to or I play along with in my personal healing time.  I wanted to contact her and in doing, found that Ashana mentored and taught a Masterclass. The Alchemy Crystal Bowls also lead me to Sound Universe and Yantara Jiro and I felt these bowls were the next level to the crystal bowls I was previously used to.  Out of this world is their energy, tone, sound and vibration. My beautiful bowls are very much a doorway to holistic recalibration.

Healing with sound has helped not only clients and students, but me, in my life challenges on every level. When I personally was seriously ill in 2007, I scheduled into my regime Danny Bechner and Jonathan Goldman's CDs daily, to assist my healing by the vibration working to break up the stagnancy within my physical body, manifesting as disease, but also within my worry, fear, stress, exhaustion and low vibration. Dis-ease pulls you down. The right sound, raises you up. It supports everything else you do.

Reiki has been a constant in my life since 1987 when I did my Level 1.  Later on did my Level 2 and Master/Teacher Level. I have used it endlessly. Everything I do is assisted and supported by Reiki. Rescuing horses and dogs, 21 animals (presently are our family and it was a lot more but all our time comes), myself and my husband, it is a daily request from the 8 dogs at night as to which gets their head under my hands first when I settle for an evening of rest and relaxation. The rescue horses in their Forever Home here, of course I schedule. I have trained with several Masters in Western and Jikiden Japanese Reiki and love teaching Reiki. My rescued mini horses not only assist with as my equine helping humans in therapy horses, but in the Reiki practicals too in all levels, if my students choose to. Otherwise it is humans and one or two of our dogs.

I have studied at the College of Psychic Studies for 30 years, in South Kensington, London training in many workshops/courses developing my healing and intuitive abilities, animal communication, opening my communication highway with Spirit and assisting in Energywork, Dowsing, Divination courses with Chris and Veronica Strong.

I was guided by The Reverend Dr Martin Israel, a Doctor and Pathologist, who lectured at the University of London and Royal College of Surgeons who was also an Anglican Priest. We first met as the result of a repetitive dream I had had for several years and my first client for Aromatherapy case histories advised me to arrange to meet him for help about this dream. Meeting him began a wonderful educational association that opened me to a deeper understanding of Spirit specifically dealing with/calling in help/healing of ancestral memory/past lives, energy, working with heavy/darker energies, unwanted energies in places, release of and subsequent healing from. 


It was a natural progression with my appreciation of all things natural and spiritual, that I would further my interest and studies in healing, shamanism, shamanic practices, which means working in communion with Spirit, continually throughout the years.  In British/European ancestral culture 'shaman' would have been known as healer, witch (white of course). I have trained via several healers and travelled extensively.  Trained through mainstream shamanism of the Michael and Sandra Harner's The Foundation For Shamanic Studies; and The Four Winds School of Energy Medicine & Healing with shaman and anthropologist Dr Alberto Villoldo and shaman Marcela Lobos in Andean teachings; shaman Francis Rico Hayhurst, Mexican and Native American teachings and shaman Puma Freddy Quispe Singona, Andean teachings, to name a few.

There is much more I could say about all the courses, lectures, workshops in healing I have attended and taught but, I've written too much already!

My practice and life purpose would not be complete without the beauty and wonder of all the animals in our world.


All animals come within my fold to help.


If you need help for you or your family pet please do contact me and do not let my fees prohibit you from seeking my help. Trust.

My Healing Sound Circle online and in-person at my practice in Devon starts up again in 2023 after a 6 month break.


Andrew Wallace BSc BVSc CertEP PgCert(VBM) CertAVP MRCVS, Buckingham, Bucks. (herbs, essential oil treatments, bodywork, shamanic).

Fiona is a warm, caring, passionate individual who has dedicated her life to the health and happiness of horses and the wellbeing of those immersed in horse ownership.  She utilises her vast knowledge of natural healing to help rehabilitate, and provides a safe-haven for old, infirm and rescued horses in need of long term support.