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A Little More About Me

​I have had a full life quilted with sickness, accidents, physical collapse, quite a few challenges in this life.


These events propelled me onwards to seek out what this beautiful planet offered by way of help, repair and education in how I took my experiences, learned what I could and how to let go of them and move on.


I could not change what happened. I could change how I moved through the experience and out the other side even years after the event. I could choose how I reacted to each having found wonderful professional help. As I did so, I was blessed time and time again, with beautiful healing souls coming onto my path to help me onwards.

Each experience lead me to the therapies I do.


Time working with energy and healing, helping many people and animals, all my many many teachers, my mentors. None would have blessed my life if I had not needed help in getting myself well and in getting help to get over things, which led me to wanting to discover and learn. Each time I sought out who could help me feel better and teach me how to get better and how could I use this for others.


Without my needing to heal my pain whatever level it was at, I would not have met hundreds of wonderful people nor had the beautiful, fun, uplifting experiences of learning my various healing modalities with kindred spirits.

I love working with people, animals and teaching some of the modalities I do too.

The planet will never have too many healers, the more of us there are, the better.

Stone tower. Natural pebble stone on the beach. Balancing body, mind, soul and spirit. Men

Andrew Wallace (Equine Orthopaedic Surgeon)

BSc BVSc CertEP PgCert(VBM) CertAVP MRCVS, Buckingham, Bucks.

(my rescue and clients' horses using all I do with animals).

Fiona is a warm, caring, passionate individual who has dedicated her life to the health and happiness of horses and the wellbeing of those immersed in horse ownership.  She utilises her vast knowledge of natural healing to help rehabilitate, and provides a safe-haven for old, infirm and rescued horses in need of long term support.

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